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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Mill Spring, Missouri on 1971-06-15 00:00:00 - My friend and i with my 3 yr. old daughter in volkswagen beetle driving on state hwy by brushy creek. very bright luminous lighted plate shaped ufo changed it's course across an open field and hovered over our car.

My friend and i and my 3yr old daughter were curious about the lights darting in the distance above a meadow by brushy creek just outside of mill spring, mo. it was between 11 and 12 midnight and a full moon across the meadow just to the left of the county highway. we were in a volkswagen beetle and parked facing the field. we were watching the ufo's speed, dart and almost play in the field. suddenly quite shockingly, one rose up out of the field right in front of us about 20 ft. away. it hovered for a second or two, then came toward our car. we were terrified and tried to back up and get away quickly. it continued to hover over the car and the light was very, very intense and white. we drove back toward mill spring as fast as we could. my daughter was crying and just as quickly as it came out of nowhere, it left straight up and back out to the field. again, about a week or two later, i was driving across clearwater dam road just outside of piedmont, mo. i couldn't believe my eyes but i saw a huge glowing, round object at the bottom of the dam. it was underwater and it emitted a greenish glow, probably because of the water. it was late at night and i was returning home from work. i clearly saw an enormous ufo with what appeared to be a double row of small windows all the way around it. it was glowing so bright that i could see it clearly. i was terrified that it would come out of the water and chase me. that time of night, there were no people around. i felt cold and almost disoriented as i tried to drive back home. i'll never forget it. again, my friends and their mother were driving back to cape girardeau, mo at night when out in a corn field to our left, i saw a ufo out in the field. it was round with two rows of very small glowing windows. it was just sitting there about 700 ft. off the road.

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Credit: MUFON

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