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Sunday, January 27, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Swindon, England on 2019-01-07 22:35:00 - 15-20 bright white orbs heading in a wnw direction followed by a short period of inactivity, maybe 5 mins, then a further 6 orbs travelling in the same direction.

At approximately 22.35hrs i let my dog out into the garden, on doing so i looked up into the night sky and observed between 15-20 white orbs after counting, there may have been more, travelling in a west north westerly direction. they were moving at an observable speed and what i can only describe as purposeful. as i was watching this spectacle i observed what i can only describe as a shooting star - a bright flash of light with a tail heading in a south westerly direction at the same time. it was at this point i observed and heard an aircraft with its red, green and white lights flashing coming from the south. i rushed back into the house and called out to my partner to come and look at these objects whilst at the same time getting my binoculars. i returned outside to see a further 6 white orbs heading in the same direction. i managed to focus on one of the objects but all i could see was a brilliant white object, no detail, flashing lights or markings, just this brilliant white orb. i then heard another aircraft visible by its red,green and white lights flashing coming from the north east. the sky that night was clear with what i observed as a some light cloud. when i observed these objects moving through the night sky i saw them pass in front of what i believe was orion's belt as well as passing by what little cloud was in the sky. i believe this event lasted for no longer than 20 minutes after which these objects had disappeared from sight. i felt somewhat apprehensive at first sighting but that soon turned to curiosity. please note i reported this matter to the local police who then provided me with the phone number for military aviation. i rang them the next day and told them what i had seen. i was informed that there were no military exercises on at that time and that fighter aircraft are not allowed below a ceiling of 2000 feet and that no more than 3 aircraft would be able to fly together. i explained to the lady to whom i was reporting that apart from the two aircraft i witnessed there were no other aircraft and/or helicopters in the area at the time of observing these objects. i added that there was absolutely no sound from said objects nor any discernible means of propulsion. i was advised that i would receive a letter in due course as a result of their investigation, however, i have received nothing to date/at the time of completing this report.

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Credit: MUFON

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