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Sunday, January 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on 2018-12-30 00:00:00 - Large glowing orb the color of chinese sky lanterns that followed above us 3-5 minutes while pulsing brighter and brighter at times . it then at unseen speeds prior seemingly speed off , up wards into the sky? space ? it was like a magic trick .

Hi i was recently making a trip across canada from southern ontario on my way to alberta . i am 28 and my wife with me , the only other passenger but also a witness to the event is 26 . we were supposed to be making a trip to house sit for someone we found on an air-bnb style website . we were desperate , in need of a house and so we packed up 3 dogs and puppies into a car and headed onto the trans-canada highway . i want to mention , we are back in ontario as we suspect the ad to be a setup to something extremely sinister . i mention this because i find it strange we both have this sighting during such a nightmarish and surreal / dream like time we were experiencing already . we were very far into our trip at this point coming from hamilton ontario , we were already out around sous saint marie . we were driving through the night sky on the trans canada and saw as clearly as we possible could , this sky looked like a movie , as if you were in space yourself . the backround was pitch black and the stars were bright and filled the entire sky line . we noticed however an orb was directly above and out in front of us . i mentioned to my wife that the object , this time indeed looks more suspicious than things we had saw a long the trip , which we discredited and concluded to be planes and such . this however was not something you could mistake if you tried to , it was clearly a large orb that was glowing the same color as a chinese lantern doesn , yellowish white and very bright as a sort of aura radiated off it . it would be similar to holding a very bright light out into the sky and how a layer of light would surround the brightness of the bulb illuminating its shape . this did exactly that but there was no shape of a craft of any sort , it was simply an orb of light which traveled in front of us but up above in the sky as it silently took part in the trip for only approximately 5 minutes time . during the trip i did try to communicate in my mind with zero results or effect however i did notice a feeling of comfort , enlightenment and discovery . i told my wife to look as it seemed to vibrate , she took notice it was glowing brighter and dimmer until right in front of our eyes , it was gone . it literally seemed to propel itself from a hover position after the series of 3-5 glowing pulses ...Straight into the sky. now i know what a plane looks like , i know the variations of colors in lights on those crafts and other crafts . i know the varied position of lights which actually can look like a ufo but this was nothing that looked like a plane or any craft we have engineered to date . it did not move or operate like one as well the speed , it left no trail of light or evidence of it's existed . it was as if it literally changed it's channel on realities / dimensions or took off into space so fast that our minds only saw it speed upwards and then dissappear into the darkness because of how fast it went . i don't know how fast it was going when it took off but it made a fighter jet look like ancient and obsolete technology . we then spoke about the sighting as we continued to drive , immediately after the sighting a song came on the radio we have no heard before . we have heard the artist , we like the artist "russ" but the song was called area 51 . we just thought after what had just happened that was pretty strange , especially because randomly my internet network within a weeks time prior disconnected yet when i tried to reconnect , for the first time ever , no other networks showed , only one was loading then appeared "area 51" and i have never seen that network in my life yet after recently studying more and practicing certain techniques , trying to make contact and request it , that happens and then this happens . the last strange piece is right before the trip a glass order of our products we sell for our business we run , my wife ordered without my knowledge , an alien concept . i just thought it was so odd all these things happened in such a short amount of time after my interest and request but i dismiss most of it . what i can not dismiss is the ufo sighting , it is my belief they are possibly aware of my researching and knowledge , what dots i am connecting and made the appearance to warn me off the trip . i could be paranoid , i could be wishfully thinking but what i know is i saw something magnificent and refreshing that night , a sign from the stars , life that want's us to be aware of them . this is the best of my knowledge at this time of the event and i am always willing to recount the event with or without my wife who is also a witness to this event .

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Credit: MUFON

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