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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in San Francisco, California on 1969-04-30 00:00:00 - Witnessed what appeared to be a silent jet go over our family vehicle at an impossible location.

1. i was in the back seat of our family's sedan either by the back passenger window. we were traveling up a curvy road called o'shaugnessy in the glen park area of s.F. either going to golden gate park for a family outing. 2. my father screamed and swore as the "jet" went right over our car. all i could see was the underneath of what i though could be a wing? however there was no noise. it happened very rapidly. 3. it was not shiny. dull metallic gray. didn't see any signage on it. the wing? or object filled the passenger window. it was if we were underneath a wing of an aircraft. 4. it was very fast and brief. no noise was accompanied by this flying object. it came over the driver's side and passed over the car toward glen park (open space area). 5. the object didn't scare me i was more horrified that my father screamed and both he and my mom kept saying it could of hit us. it literally went right over my dad's oldsmobile; maybe less than 4 ft. it happened so fast and i was little so i was more intent on getting to golden gate park for a play day. 6. it just sped by and my dad kept driving up o'shaunessy blvd. not until i read chariots of the gods this past year, did i learn of an ufo sighting in s.F. around the time of my incident. i am wondering if any of my information or the time frame is one and the same. in hind-sight. getting a jet through that canyon area filled with homes is nearly impossible. first, i do not see how a pilot would even venture getting so close to a vehicle and just zip through a neighborhood. i have had the privileged to see the blue angles zipping around s.F. financial district right past the windows of the bank of america building but this was not even close. there was no noise in the 1968/69? event i experienced as a child. i was hoping to find out more as this event has always stuck with me and was never really explained away by my parents other than it was some crazy jet pilot.

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Credit: MUFON

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