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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lithgow, New South Wales on 1979-01-01 17:00:00 - Ufo seen hovering over newns paltau

Im sorry for the spelling and timeline etc. but i just gota get this out. this all takes place in australia in nsw around the town of lithgow west of sydney. when i was about 3 or4 years old i remember stopping with mum on the side of chifley road opposite the old zig zag railway entrance because we saw something very odd. i cant remember the time but it was low light probably evening. there was a woman and two kids stopped on the opposite side of the road. they were all looking and pointing to the sky. what we all saw was what i can only describe as an oven. the electric free standing type with the raised back plate where the controls would be. it was a long way to the north just hovering no noise. we all looked for a short time until i just lost sight but the people opposite said "did u see it just took off". eventually we all went on our way. years later and over many years i heard stories about dargan and newns state forest. most notably that there was tons of old ww2 stuff dumped out there by lend lease after the war because it was just cheaper. i can attest to this as being a country kid i did lots of exploring and indeed played in the hulks of old bedford trucks tank parts hulls turrets etc. there was lots of junk. i was always told to stay away from the place as an adult i learned from several reliable witnesses including my dad and several locals and officials that there were unopened rusting drums of mustard gas and phosgene. several efforts that i am sure are on record but will probably never be acknowledged were made to dispose of the offending items. lithgow also has an interesting military link being the home of the famous lithgow rifle. the small arms factory was decommissioned after the war. there is also an interesting story regarding the air defence with several fake aa emplacements used to draw the enemy into the sights of the only real aa gun. lithgow is/was primarily a coal mining town. due to rampant greed and mismanagement the entire town is undermined. there are several recorded incidents of vehicles (a milk wagon and later a car) falling into one of the close pits. many miners of one particular pit would often comment about being able to hear the pokies going off in the above workers club. in deed my mum remembers when the police in lithgow were driving around town with a bull horn warning people not to light any fires bbq, cigarettes etc. because there was gas from the mine coming out the storm water system. the small arms factory was being championed by business to be reopened however before the sydney olympics the police/sf used the site to train and rehearse clearing and securing large sites etc. after this no more plans were entertained to reopen it as a small arms factory again. it was sold to the seventh dayers and they use it as warehousing. the common conclusion was that there was to much risk of existing or possible connection to the mine network. so years and years later that strange ufo thing i saw was hovering over the newns area. home to mines, bunkers, military equipment and chemical weapons. lol just to coincidental.

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Credit: MUFON

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