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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Hurst, Texas on 2016-05-01 23:10:00 - 3 ufos seem to be communicating? one ejects 2 objects. morphs. lot's of action!.

I was at the er, it started about 11pm, my mother fell and i took her in. i sat in my car waiting for her to get fixed up and as i sat outside in my car in a rather large city mind you, it was late but others had to have seen this it was just to bright and lasted a very long time. i could not tell you how far away the objects were. you can scroll to the the 8-9 minute mark to overlook at lot of various things i was trying to get the camera on my phone to cover both these objects and that took time. it wasn't close by but nonetheless it took place right near the city and was very noticeable. it seemed to be more than 2 objects at times moving around as i have other videos of the same event and it was a very active situation. it seemed. the main 2 objects stayed in place for the most part and only recently after reviewing this one vid did i notice the object on the right changes color as well as drops something twice, it appeared to be two small bright smaller orange orbs, there were possibly others dropped and i just missed them. so after seeing it eject something recently, i decided it was a good vid and should be released. it's well worth the watch. just move up to 8 minutes if you don't want to deal with the time it took to get these both in the frame of my cam to try to get a decent video. i think i did a good job and sometimes wonder if i'm the only one seeing these objects because i see them so often lol. i have ton's of vid's and maybe later i will release those as well. enjoy and really watch the craft on the right because it does change color and eject something down from itself. also go back and watch the entire thing if you have the patience, you will see some of the other things i spoke of only briefly. it was a very active sky and i had limited tools as a phone cam is not that great, however these just being able to be recorded and shared is good enough for me. they never left as even when i went home they were still maintaining their position. when i have seen objects like this they will either be hidden or go away as dawn approaches. the object's i have witnessed up close, i never see them leave and that makes me wonder why i don't see those closeups disappear, missing time is sure enough an element in those.

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Credit: MUFON

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