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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in South Miami, Florida on 2012-05-10 05:10:00 - Came from over my condo.Floated across parking lot up 35ft.No noise. four white corner.Stopped behind two trees,disapeared.

I woke up early 5am,couldnt sleep. i went outside to see how my two cats are doing.They were about three years old then and just showed them how to live outside. i walked in to the condo parking lot and didnt see the cats. i looked up at the moon and sky.My building has three floors and about 35' to 40' high. as i was looking at the sky just over my buildings roof line came out a rectangular object floating across a couple of inches over the top of the roof then over the parking lot. it was rectangular,about 5'long, 3'across, and about 6"thick.It had a bright white light on each corner. it made no sound at all. there were no propellers.I said to myself,no one could be flying a drone at 5am. it floated across the parking lot very very slow,but didnt drop.It went behind a royal palm tree and a tall bush like tree. i waited for it to go across from behind the trees.It never did. i walked behind the two trees and it was not there, gone, disappeared! after it went behind the trees i remembered i said to myself, why didnt i go right away to see what happened? then i said to myself, what happened? how did it disappear, why was i frozen and not checked right away? i dont know what happened. i went back in. i put on the news, just starting, before going outside. when i went in the news was over though i feel i was outside only eight minutes or so. in the morning i went outside to check the trees for a drone or something. nothing there. i went inside, got on the computer and typed, ufo black rectangular white lights on each corner. and there it was, several photos of what i saw. its been bothering me the past six or seven years since ive seen it. so i had to finally write you a letter.

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Credit: MUFON

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