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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Topeka, Kansas on 2019-01-14 19:30:00 - Dancing red fireballs that cast shadows behind themselves.

This evening me my brother and i were leaving a walmart a block away from where we live. he was waiting to turn left, and then i saw a dark orange orb growing in intensity, then another one near it. i was watching it for a couple seconds trying to figure out what kind of plane/helicopter it was, then i realized it was obviously something floating, not flying, i considered for a second that it must have been a leftover sky lantern from new years or something, i gave it one more second and started shouting at my brother to turn right, he did. we were both panic stricken and drove towards it, and parked at a gas station to try and film it. i walked as close towards it as i could without walking into the street, yelling for him to film it. we were going on a 5 minute errand 2 minutes from home so i didn't have my phone and was going nuts that he was going to miss it because he was panicking so much. we both were entranced by this thing. we both described them as being two bright orange, erratically moving, dynamically luminous, and each orb having a "shadow" behind it. right when my brother was ready to take video, the red completely flickered away, but i saw the dark orbs transposed behind the red orbs kept flying but disappeared behind the clouds in an instant. my brother did not witness this event. he asked me where they went and i was trying to point him to the lone shadowy orbs, but they disappeared before he knew where to point the camera. the shadow was a bizarre color of "bright black" for lack of a more descriptive term. it almost looked like some kind of cloaking device. if my brother wouldn't have witnessed it as well i would have assumed i was seeing something that wasn't there, as it had almost an inter-dimensional quality. the way it moved didn't make sense to me spatially. i couldn't say how far away it was but it looked low, close to the horizon, but the best way i can describe the object's movement was it reminded me of those floating little cells on peoples' retinas that we see in the field of our vision from time to time. it was absolutely not explainable to either us. it was life changing.

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Credit: MUFON

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