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Sunday, January 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-04-20 21:15:00 - I witnessed a multiple ufo rendezvous and departure

i am a licensed pilot and an avid satellite watcher. on this night i was standing in my driveway facing a compass heading of 90 degrees. the first ufo was spotted at a heading of 120 degrees, 45 degrees above the horizon. it appeared as a normal satellite tracking across the sky, correct speed and brightness. as it reached a heading of 80 degrees it went dark. i assumed it had lost reflective light.I kept watching the track it was on and in 5 seconds i saw what was astonishing. there was a second light in the sky that i thought was a star or planet. it had been there throughout this entire sighting.The moving ufo was on a track that intercepted with this stationary object. when the blacked out mobile ufo reached the stationary ufo it lit back up, i saw the two ufos do the extraordinary. the ufos accelerated very rapidly away from each other. i would describe the speed more like we see in some meteorites. one went due east and the other one continued on the course of the first ufo toward the north. i couldn't tell which ufo was which at the time of intersection due to the speed and distance of when it occurred. after the intercept, the departures of the objects was done in less than 2 seconds, they were gone. i have always been a believer we are not alone, this sealed the deal. i remember the first words out of my mouth as i watched, "oh my god". this is not my only encounter. i have another episode with daytime video that we can also discuss. thank you for your time and consideration. i have told friends and relatives about the incidents and felt it was time to bring it to your attention. best regards, jeff mitchell

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Credit: MUFON

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