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Friday, January 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Point Blank, Texas on 2019-01-03 00:00:00 - Multiples sightings in the past several months

I was at my home. over a period of several weeks in the fall/2018 i observed what initially looked like a star in the western sky. i did not think it a star because it was too close. it looked like it was in the atmosphere. i did not pursue my observations thereafter except to note that it appeared in the sky one some nights but not all nights. i observed it in the same general sw'ly direction from my residence. i live in a rural area. about 6 weeks ago an object appeared to the southeast of my residence. a friend and i observed it multiple times over a couple of weeks. one morning last week i decided to attempt to determine if the object was close enough to me to change its relative angle in the sky by me driving towards it. there were clear skies and high cirrus clouds. i drove east to livingston, tx, about 30 miles away. i watched the object (which had the appearance of a star, similar to what people see in a nativity picture, but it was too big and did not twinkle) as i drove. about 5 miles outside of livingston the object began to appear smaller. i watched it very closely. the object seemed to go higher and higher over a period of only 5-10 seconds. it seemed to pass thru the cirrus clouds and disappeared. i then stopped at a shell station on hwy 190 west of livingston, tx and exited my vehicle. i looked for about a minute. the object was gone. i decided to end my search. i retraced my trip home. in onalaska, tx i decided to take another look for the object. i stopped at a local pizza place, exited my vehicle and immediately spotted the object in the same general location where i saw it originally and from where it disappeared. i then reversed course and drove to livingston, tx. on the east side of livingston i stopped at a lumber yard and viewed the object. it was located to the southeast. rather than drive to beaumont, tx some 80 miles away i ended my trip. i returned to the walmart in livingston to buy something. in the parking lot i decided to view the object thru a pair of binoculars. i chose to look thru a single lens. the object looked like two pie plates inverted against each other. it covered more than 50% of the objective lens. it appeared more like a fat football than anything else. it was somewhat translucent, with what i will refer to as honeycombed chambers inside, except the chambers were more blunt and shorter than the honeycombs i recall in a bee's hive. the object had three black spots and what i can only describe as a mouth. two curved lines that met at one end. it was black in appearance, the mouth. the mouth and black spots randomly rotated to a point where only one spot was visible. eventually all three black spots came back into view but the mouth did not rotate back into view while i watched it for 10 or 15 minutes. the object and chambers seemed to have a pulsation in addition to the overall rotation. the other day i began to photograph another similar object located in the sky southeast of my home. i'm attaching a couple of photos. other than being round it does not resemble the first object, no black spots, though it does have a mouth-type of structure that is not similar to the one i saw with the three black spots last week. this is the object in my photos. i have video of this object also. the mouth of this object was stationary and located on the lower left-hand side of the circle. it changed colors. i've seen it purple, red, white, with yellow and blue. i want to attribute the color changes, some of them anyway, to the lens of the camera i used, a canon pc 2200. i am not a photographer. i reviewed the location of the visible planets in the houston area earlier this evening, online, and conclude the object is not a planet. it is not a star. i doubt seriously that a star can appear so large to a canon camera with a 50x zoom as the object i photographed this evening. there is more to this story. i will end here to keep it short. my working hypothesis right now is the two objects i observed are likely man made.

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Credit: MUFON

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