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Saturday, January 19, 2019

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UFO Sighting in DeLand, Florida on 2005-06-30 00:00:00 - 2 white orbs flying together while bumping each other, zipping around each other. stopped on dime when i was seen, communicated telepathically then zipped away.

As i was walking my dog, i rounded a bend in the road where the trees had been cleared allowing for a very good view. i immediately saw 2 very bright white orbs flying toward me from the ssw at a very low altitude. there was no doubt in my mind as to what they were--nothing originating on the earth could possibly move this way. the extremely strange characteristics of their flight have stayed with me all these years. the best description of it is: they looked exactly like 2 children playing tag while they ran alongside each other. before the 2 orbs saw me watching them, they never once flew in a direct flight path. they flew in very close proximity to each other, constantly bumped each other, flew in very tight circles around each other in order to bump on sides, tops, bottoms of each other's craft. i can't express in words how very odd their flight was. any human observing it would have been able to positively state that they were exhibiting maneuvers of which no man-made aircraft was/is capable. in addition, my father was a pilot who taught me to fly, so i feel absolutely confident in saying that humans could not have survived the g forces and that human aircraft could not have survived the non-ballistic motion they exhibited. i stood watching the 2 orbs fly toward me from the instant i saw them. at first observation their altitude appeared a bit higher in the sky due to their distance from me, yet their altitude was lower than any human aircraft is legally permitted to fly. as they approached me they didn't appear to lower their average altitude, they were simply getting very close to where i stood. when they stopped, they were only 10 - 12 feet above the one-story house that i was standing only 20 - 30 feet in front of. this put me only a very few yards away from the two of them. at this point i must mention my dog's behavior. she was a rhodesian ridgeback, a very large & fearless breed known for their ability to actually bring lions down as they protect cattle and other livestock on african farms. my dog had never shown fear or hostility to anything or anyone unless her canine senses told her the approaching person was a threat to me. but when she noticed the 2 orbs i was watching (i had stopped and was standing still in the road the instant i noticed the orbs) she started whining softly and walking in tight circles around me, never taking her eyes off the orbs. it was very clear to me that this behavior was elicited by her abject fear of this unworldly alien thing combined with her instinctive need to protect me. when the 2 wildly flying orbs reached the point directly above the house i mentioned, both stopped on a dime. as i stood watching in awe, i definitely heard inside my head "oops, we didn't know anyone was watching us. we weren't supposed to call attention to ourselves or be seen. we're sorry." this telepathic message, sent to me while both orbs were hovering silently over the house, took only 1 or 2 seconds for my brain to receive. then both the orbs zipped away, no longer exhibiting any of their previous antics. they left at a speed many, many times faster than any earthly aircraft could manage, zipping side by side to the ene and were out of sight in less than a second. the only scenario that makes any sense to me is that these were 2 young extraterrestrials practicing their flying skills and having a bit of fun as they did so. since the sighting i've always wondered if there are any other reports of young extraterrestrials being given spacecraft in which to practice their flying abilities.? this happened years ago and even though i was aware of mufon's existence, i never considered it important enough to even bother reporting. however, i recently saw an episode of "hangar 1" in which a narrator requested that all sightings be reported. since there was very definitely a telepathic connection made during this sighting, i decided that i should report it. i am very interested in becoming a mufon investigator and would love to speak to someone about this. i am educated, have 2 masters' degrees: 1 in psychology and counseling and 1 in classical music. i am now retired, so my time is my own. i am very much interested in using the scientific method to reduce the prejudice and ridicule that surrounds ufo observation. thank you, peggy e. stinson

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Credit: MUFON

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