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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania on 2018-04-30 00:00:00 - Was woken up by it, when i rolled over it was a arm length from me.

For months i've been having issues with being woken up at night. i've been extremely tired and told my mom something keeps waking me. as odd as it sounds i prayed to see what it is and what's going on. i remember waking to my name or something saying wake up wake up. i turned to my left and seen a burgundy/red odd shaped large head. i could only see from the nose to the top of the head. i swung my arm over to hit it on the head saying stop waking me up, and went back to sleep. when i woke i was like what the heck, why wasn't i scared and why did i try to hit it on the head. i had no fear or felt any danger at all, just annoyed to be woken up again. this has been bothering me for months and telling some of my family members about it. two months passed and my 9 year old grandson came running downstairs to the kitchen. mom mom mom mom trying to get the words out. i said honey what's wrong, i could see the fear on his face. he said i seen i seen it was red and small and had three fingers on its hand with long scary nails. when he turned and walked away he said , just because its red doesn't mean its bad. as much as i wanted to ask him more i stopped because i didn't want to scare him. i don't recall if it was a few days later i told him i seen it also. he said what was that and why did we see it. i told him i don't know what it was and i don't know why no one else seen it. i told him don't be scared i don't think its here to hurt us. months passed and my grandson and i were at his house. he came into the kitchen and said are we crazy mom mom. i said why would you ask that. he whispered what we seen at your house.I said go in the living room and draw a photo of what you seen and i'll also do it in the kitchen and we'll compare photos. my daughter looked at me like what are you doing. when we compared the photos i was shocked. he doesn't draw very well so from his body description i drew the photo. he said yes that's it mom mom. i showed my daughter and said this is it this is the picture i drew for you months ago.

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Credit: MUFON

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