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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Wheatland, California on 1989-12-16 16:45:00 - Sb hwy 65 very large object hovered above for a couple of minutes, daylight.

Many years ago (prob between 89-90) while driving s/b on hwy 65 (december) with my daughter to meet a friend & her daughter (who lived in rio oso) at a convenience store in wheatland, ca. (so that we could carpool to attend the nutcracker ballet in sacramento, ca. as was our tradition) my daughter and i saw a ufo hovering above our car and about 1/3 of the craft was visible outside of the front windshield above us, maybe 12-15 feet up--the object made no sound. it was daylight probably between 4pm - 4:45pm. after passing olivehurst, ca. while driving on hwy 65 in an open area between towns, i noticed a large round object hovering above my car. it seemed to be traveling the same speed as my car which was 55 mph. i thought to myself, is this a flying saucer? while looking at it i was thinking that the item was not smooth but had a lot of equipment on the surface, kind of like the apollo 13. this surprised me because i had always thought saucers were depicted with smooth surfaces. my next thought was, i must be imagining the whole thing. there isn't really such thing as flying saucers, but i also felt an extreme level of fear. so i then cast my eyes down to the road and drove on. after a couple of minutes of silence, my daughter who was somewhere between 8-9 asked, "mommy, was that a flying saucer?". "i don't know honey", i responded. before i could mentally process the incident we met up with my friend and her daughter and relayed the incident. my friend was less than impressed and the matter was dropped and off to the ballet we went. my daughter still remembers the sighting but not the same details that i do, she remembers lights--i do not. we have shared the story both then and now but a very select few. there was no information in the news paper and i chalked it up to being experimental us airforce aircraft because the area was near beale afb, ca. note: the address and name were at the time of the incident.

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Credit: MUFON

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