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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Claremont, California on 1973-05-23 13:22:00 - I was approached by 3 unknown young blond boys asking me about the ufo in the sky, they vanished just after ufo vanished, never saw them again, they were not from my area and spoke strangely, asking about the craft and if i was scared of the craft,

I walked out to the front of our home and all of the sudden there were 3 young boys, about my size/age i thought, though i had never seen them before, and i knew most everyone in our neighborhood and surrounding area). they approached me and asked me some questions that i cannot remember except for when they asked me if i had seen the craft in the sky, which is when i looked up and saw a classic ly shaped disc type ufo that appeared to be about 1000 feet up and very visible to me. at first i was scared and moved behind a tree, but one of the boys spoke and told me not to be scared and that "they" were friendly. i moved away from the tree and began to watch the craft moving across the sky at a rather slow pace. as it moved from east to west, i could see what appeared to be black windows around the upper, smaller portion of the craft, which appeared to be rotating as it flew. i watched the craft for 20-30 seconds, while the one boy continued to talk to me (i do not remember anything said by him, the only one who spoke, except when he asked me if i saw the craft and when he told me it was friendly). the 3 boys appeared to be very similar in appearance, each with blond/white hair, pale skin, each wearing jeans, flannel shirts (boy who spoke wore red & black shirt, one wore blue, third one kept his distance and i don't remember his shirt color, all three wore baseball type hats, blue i think they were. i asked them if they lived around here but i don't remember their response. i remember that even immediately after this incident i was unable to remember anything they said except when i was asked if i could see the craft and if i was scared. as i watched the craft, it had moved across about 45 degrees of the sky when it turned slightly to the se, moved a bit further then sped up before it vanished before my eyes. after the craft was gone, i looked back to ask the boys where the craft had gone, but the boys were gone also. i never saw those three boys again despite my living in that area for another 5 or so years. during and since this encounter, i have not been able to recount the conversation i had with the one boy who spoke, other than the statements i mentioned, but i do remember talking to him and asking questions. the other two boys never spoke, though they did seem to whisper to each other but from a distance. i was somewhat frightened when i first saw the craft in the sky, but felt better after the boy reassured me they were friendly. i cannot recall the rest of our conversation though i know we were speaking to each other. i am also somewhat foggy as to what happened when the boys vanished and i was left alone in my front yard, wondering what i had just gone through. i tried telling my story to a couple of adults who completely dismissed my encounter. i also tried to tell some friends but was laughed at. i have kept this story to myself for many years now, but i have a need to talk about it now. even as an adult, telling this story to trusted friends who think like i do, i am still met with laughs and disbelief, so i figured i would reach out to someone more understanding. i've tried emailing several persons but have received no responses. i would really like to share this with someone sympathetic to my encounter, and i have another encounter to recount also. my apologies for any repeats or run ons here, i am trying to write this while i have a few minutes of privacy, so i can't really spell check or fix my grammatical errors, which will bug me for awhile but i will get over it. i would really like to speak/communicate with someone who is sympathetic to what i am attempting to share here. because i was originally met with such disregard when i tried to share this, i have kept this to myself for years. i shoved it to the back of my mind, but the longer i keep it buried the more it has been coming back to me. recently i have been dreaming about this encounter, and it seems to be wanting me to share it. i still remember this vividly in my mind, i can see it perfectly as far as the craft and the boys, but i still can't recall the conversation in full, though i am trying to and am considering hypnosis to recover and lost info from this. please contact me at the phone number above or at my email (it's simple to decode).

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Credit: MUFON

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