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Friday, January 18, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Victoria, Texas on 2016-11-20 03:08:00 - Observed organic, translucent object traveling east to west, shaped like twisted crepe paper, at edge of atmosphere, apparently miles in length.

This object was not metallic, it was organic. i have persistent insomnia and walked outside because i was bored. this event occurred at 0308 hrs, 20 november, 2016 in victoria, texas. i saw an object in the moonless sky (as i was looking at the stars) that was not a legacy saucer shape nor was it metallic, or have lights. this object was organic, fleshy, and ‘appeared’ to be several miles long. my first reaction/thought was, 'this thing is not from earth. oh, wow. it just changed direction. i have to write this down.' the object described above was traveling from ese to wnw. my field of vision was 30% blocked by a tree to the east, i was facing south, and the object came into view over the tree. it took about 5 seconds to traverse my vision field to the westerly horizon. but before doing so it changed direction by about 15 deg to the nw, and within 1 second my los was blocked by a neighbor’s rooftop. the object was estimated to be at or above earth’s atmosphere. from my point of view, the objects related length was 4 inches long. morning astronomical twilight was 0601 hrs, and sunrise was going to be near 0727 hrs on this date. the bottom of the object was reflecting light from the approaching sunrise. the color range was from ‘pony tail badge’ to ‘pastel yellow’. the estimated position (near edge of atmosphere) and length (several miles long) was calculated by the angle which light might hit an object at 300 miles asl, estimated sunrise, trajectory (speeding away from sunrise), and it’s actual length perceived (4” long). the object can be described in this way: its dimension was 10 units long, 1 unit wide, and 0.1 unit thick. its horizontal axis was along its length. shape was not unlike a crepe paper streamer when twisted like a double helix, dna strand. it was almost certainly translucent. i could see through it. if it were not for the sun’s illumination i would not have seen it. it was ‘ribbed’ across it’s width. the ribs were narrow, rounded, and approximately 0.25 units thick. i would estimate that there were 25 ribs spaced evenly across a 10 unit length. the object rotated slowly on its horizon axis. i waited for a few minutes after i lost sight of it to see if anymore objects like this one would appear. none did. i went back inside and wrote the event down on a few sticky notes.

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Credit: MUFON

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