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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Quinte West, Ontario on 2018-01-26 22:15:00 - observed 5 nights in a row. blurry transparent & huge! traveling at incredible speed in an oval pattern. approx.2000’-5000’elevation. witnessed 20-40mins each event. looked living,

+14168449678 first sighting was approximately 9:50pm, jan.26th. it was a very cold night and i was walking from my home to my wood working shop, (just 80’ away), in order to let 2 feral cats in my shop for the night as it was pushing -20. (im an animal lover & soft hearted i guess) while standing outside my shop, calling out to the feral cats, (i live in a very rural area with zero light pollution), i first noticed how bright the stars looked that night. (ive noticed long ago how the stars seem brighter the colder the temps in my area), so at first i was just looking up at the stars, enjoying their beauty as i’ve done thousands of times, literally thousands! after approximately 10-13 mins of star watching, i noticed this blurr go before my eyes at an incredible speed! to be honest, at very first i thought it might have been what i call “eye goobers” , like something in my eye. i repeatedly wiped my eyes, in between doing so, i continued looking up, no trying to see whatever it was i thought i’d seen just moments ago. this “thing” was there again and it kept repeating a huge oval shaped path as it flew at great speed, so fast it was near invisible. as this thing repeated its path i kind of got a timing down as to when i should see it again and i did. now i’m saying i saw this thing but i didn’t really see it. it was translucent, i could see the stars behind it! (stars were bright), however the “thing” appeared blurry yet see through. a lot like those heat ripples you see off hot asphalt, like that. that was the first night. this object repeated its oval path directly over my head maybe 20-25 times. i didn’t see it fly away or even stop its routine, truth be told, i was still uncertain if i were truly seeing something or if it just wasn’t eye goobers. i then went about my goal of getting feral cats in my shop. the following night, (jan.27, approximately 9:50pm), also another very cold evening, i again set out to get feral cats in my shop. the stars were again very bright that night. i had actually forgotten about what i’d seen or “thought i’d seen” the night before but i quickly remembered when i was just calling out to the last of 2 cats, i caught something out of the corner of my eye. it was this thing again! same location, same ovalish pattern, same same same. i considered maybe it was powerful spot light from the ground shining upwards, like they sometimes have at big events but i could see no trailing light leading to the ground, nor any other indication this could be the source. not to mention that i live in a very rural area, closest town of about 17,000 people, (that’s a population guess) is about 20 km from my house. we don’t have streetlights out here. despite my best efforts, i could not account for what i was seeing. i again wiped my eyes, still thinking it could possibly be eye goobers but no matter how many times i wiped my eyes, this thing kept swooping around in an ovalish pattern. i then looked across at the sky on the other side of the road but there’s didnt see the thing, i could clearly and easily see the bright stars but no object. yet when i looked directly overhead, i again saw this transparent massive object swooping around. i say swooping because it didn’t look like it was traveling in a precise path nor consistent speed, it seemed to me as if it’d puck up speedo ce at the bottom of the oval path. if you imagine watching somebody swing their arm as fast as they can, you’d see their arm move but due to the high speed,you’d not truly see their arm, if you know what i mean? i wat he’d for another 10 mins, maybe 30-40 mins in total and then went about my business. it was very very cold outside, plus i wasn’t really sure if i was seeing this or not? the third night, jan.28th, i’d still not said anything to my wife about what i “thought” i’d seen. yet another freezing night, i was again off to go about getting the ferals in my shop. prior to leaving my house, the previous nights sightings were now on my mind, i even went upstairs my house to use viseen, (eye drops, not that i have any eye issues but my wife suffers from dry eye so we always have some in the house) i went out that night consciously looking for this thing, at first i didn’t see it and truly didn’t know what to think about that? however after getting 1 cat in my shop and trying to urge the reluctant cat inside, (all the while looking up at every chance i had) i saw it again! i strained to focus my eyes, this thing was still huge, still transparent & blurry & incredibly fast! i concluded right there and then; holy crap! i’m really seeing this! as for size, i’m not a pilot but i do have what i’d consider as “better than average” knowledge of airplanes and guessing altitude. i’d guess the altitude to be somewhere between 2000’ - 4000’ high, i believe if this thing were a 757 or similar sized aircraft, then to me it would have appeared no more than 3/4” long at the most, however what i was seeing was easily 30-40 times that size. it honestly blurred/distorted 60%-70% of my view of the sky. again, it flew in an ovalish pattern, the wider turn of the oval being at the top and the tighter radius of the oval being at the bottom of this pattern and it was at the tighter radius this “thing” appeared to pick up speed. i’ve seen this each night since jan.26 with the exception of last night. i wasn’t out last night. i tried to record this thing with my iphone but had no luck at all actually seeing this thing. if you could provide me any suggestions on how to best record this,i’d much appreciate it, that is, shy of going out and buying thousands of dollars worth of equipment! i’ll surely go out again tonight to see if it’s there again. i forgot to mention, there were a few nights, (the first few nights), where i just walked away from the event, another two nights the oval pattern event just stopped but i’ve never seen this thing fly away or up and away. i should possibly mention that i live about 25km from trenton airforce base. should i get lucky enough to capture images or video, i’ll send that immediately! can you tell me if any other people have reported something like i’m reporting here? oh darn! the shape! it wasnt round nor triangle, it didn’t appear that way anyhow, instead it had like a huge bird kind of shape, actually, i do t even want to say bird shaped. i’m not really sure of its shape due to it being almost invisible, transparent and traveling at such a speed, but it was there! please feel free to contact me if you’ve any questions or if you have advise on recording this. thank you robert white

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Credit: MUFON

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