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Friday, January 18, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Old Lyme, Connecticut on 2019-01-17 16:05:00 - Dark-colored floating pillars, silver triangle-like craft hoovering above water while small diamond like crafts nearby also appearing to be floating over water.

01/17/19, at 3:45pm, i set off to capture sunset from white sand beach/griswold point preseve in old lyme, connecticut. i had arrived and was like normal surveying the skies and land for the sunset. shortly after getting my equipment setup i looked out toward the s and se to see what looked like 3 pillars floating in the ocean. i believe in this direction is plum island. an "animal testing" establishment. the pillars seemed as if they were floating right in front of the island. this quickly got my attention. as i surveyed in this direction further, i noticed another object, very strange looking compared to the pillars. not that those already weren't weird enough. this object was silver-like and similar to an triangle. in the images i will provide, you can make out some sort of tail or rutter on this object. but what doesn't make sense is how seems to effortlessly float over the ocean. it doesn't stop there, there were 4 of these very tiny diamond shaped objects floating a good ways off of the horizon. three over the e and se horizons and one over the s. it's almost as if there were just watching. maybe safeguarding? with further surveying, i realized these objects were keeping in the same vicinity of each other. due to the atmospherical distortions it was really tough to tell from such a distance. but maybe their were more? lastly, as this sighting was taking place i noticed an all black helicopter fly over the vicinity of the object. shortly after was a small aircraft slowly what looked like surveying the area was flying over. i made sure to document both the helicopter and small aircraft as well. i did not feel strange or experience any losses of time. but i knew i should share this encounter, there was way too much activity in one outing to not share. this occurring seemed to continued as i packed up and returned to my car. the pillars continued to float out of sight and the object just began to get harder to view because of decreasing light. please review this footage carefully. i have more footage captured from my cellphone in high-resolution of the live view screen from my dslr showing these objects moving along in a seamless floating motion.

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Credit: MUFON

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