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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Millington, Oregon on 1967-08-01 00:00:00 - This sighting happen in 1966 or 1967 i was on a highway when i saw a hugh ufo hovering over the slough

This report was filled out and filed (from a letter sent in to mufon hq) by field investigator l.F. 18809 on january 31st, 2019. i have typed the letter below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- i am not going to reread this i will see mistakes, etc. i found recently that ufo investigations are still going on. i found this address today. you may not be interested in my sighting back in 1966 or 67. i remember every moment as if it were yesterday. what i was thinking description all of it. before i describe the location etc, i will describe the ufo. it was very close to me. maybe a block or block & 1/2. it was totally still with nothing hindering my view. i new exacty what it was. i was not to startled, a fraid non of it! i was on a hiway pulled to the shoulder reached for my camera (glove compartment) it wasn't there. got our of my car (new 1966 volvo).Went to the passenger side and looked at the ufo in awe best words i can describe on how i felt. the description is very simple. a very large silver done with sections starting wide at the base gradually getting smaller toward the top (couldn't see how they connected of course. it would have to be observed from above. holding the sections together were "rivets" as we use but were a very slight difference in color that is what made them so clear. they went up each seam not placed real close together a few feet or more. i image they were a little bit raised another reason they stood out. i am describing the sections forming "pie shaped" the bottom would have been flat of course, but i don't believe it protruded out far (i didn't notice that. it would have taken a few minutes to see all this. there were no windows doors nothing on the side i saw. not a sound no fumes. didn't even make a riffle in the water (which is totally flat its a slough isthmus slough. when it raised it did not go straight up, but followed above the slough and in the blink of my eye it was out of sight. at that very moment i told myself "these are so far ahead of us, is not even funny. when i arrived to work, i don't think i was late i really think i might have been there not much more than 5 min. i immediately told ones i worked , of course by then i was in the condition of awe i guess. the woman who was manager of the salvation army thrift store was not surprised at all. she and her husband had been watching the lights at night & lived about 1 mile from where i saw it. i am 77 years old so i'm not going to write everthing in full detail as to the location etc. my brother was about 14 and remembers my description clearly. he is 66 yrs old now. i asked him yesterday how wide the slough was there and how far i was from it. he guessed maybe 200 ft wide. i'm sure how much bigger it was but covered the slough. i tell you briefly where this was. almost exactly ehree hiway 42 ends turning into highway 101. i lived in a community called green acres for 40 years. (between coos bay and coquille. all of us passed this place 1,000's of times. it is the highway traveled to coos bay (first 42 then turning into 101. im not going to write much more. i didnot report this sighting for fear of being laughed etc . have always wondered if others had seen it. the highwy hs very little traffic (or did have) i did some years later heard a woman named dolly clark saw it, but had passed away. she lived close by the ufo would have gone by her house if it went the direction i saw it going. she would have told others her family et. her children were same age as mine 5, 6 or so, mine don't remember that time but of course i have talked about it. i'm getting tired so will stop writing will repeat things i'm sure. if you are interested (name and address and phone number removed) old school no internet etc etc my brother who was about 14 has always believed me.. it was brought up again he's a photo journalist. if i would of had my cmera it wouldn't have shown up magnetic field. then being so close i would have gotten very little of it. obviously he still believes me and others has one research. the name of the woman who had been watching the lights at night was (name removed) don't know if she or husband are still living.

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Credit: MUFON

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