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Sunday, January 6, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Sheridan, Wyoming on 2019-01-05 22:18:00 - Beam only viewable using a signal augmented reality app for wifi signals on ios 12 iphone 8 plus - assuming potential abductions occurring

Sheridan wyoming and areas north to the crow reservation and south along front range i-25 to casper and to colorado springs, the civilians have been victimized by a black triangle spacecraft which is not a “ufo” as it’s identity is known. this has been ongoing since winter/spring of 2015 beginning upon my observations in the boulder county, co area to sheridan, wy. in early may of 2017, this spacecraft was used to attack civilians in butte, montana and then woodland park, co as well as casper, wy. it is currently seeking targets at the time of this writing near the vamc, county fairgrounds and by the national guard training facility. there has been odd behavior by the victims i have observed to think of themselves as cannibals or consider this to be an option, a cruel act. the activity has also caused the civilians to hear the thoughts of those around them in a manner which can cause psychosis and mental disorders and be afraid to discuss it, as was done in april of 2017. that victim i have observed to have been hospitalized with daily behavior that is observed as both bizarre and paranoid, but not a danger to self or others. i have found underground tunnels using signal tracing apps from beneath the ground by vamc to downtown sheridan to interstate 90 towards the big horn mountains to extend onto crow nation land at the northern foothills of the bighorns. the indian tribes there appear to be the ones who have suffered the most from this, as well as the amish community there, per my observations in 2017 and their psychopathic behavior at this writing. this has to be assumed an attack on americans on us soil, with hostile intentions including the use of microwaves and electromagnetic energy to cook a person alive in their residence or a hotel, as happened in butte, montana and woodland park, co in may of 2017. to date this activity remains active without dhs or the us air force taking any action to stop it. my observations based on sound documentation and basic questioning to civilians and technical data.

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Credit: MUFON

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