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Monday, January 7, 2019

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Alien Encounter in N/A, Kentucky on 2009-06-06 00:00:00 - I was took my girlfriend was 8 mos pregnant .. my son has dreams i don't believe are dreams need info plz

Ok i'm from my i may be labeled backwoods dumb dumb i'm a engineer on a tow boat i'm not best speller so sorry i was with my ex girlfriend 8 mos pregnant with my son i woke up to her saying my name i look by door at foot of bed 3 human like i guess gary's but not like how there darwin i have seen sum on tv show other ppl darwin n tears it a fear that deep within u . well i jump to fight n my mine i was no not my family n i made it to my feet n stopped .. next thing it like click out now i'm up on the wall or pinned i can think but not yell i'm n fear trying so hard n yelling n my head there tell my gf tell me it's ok i'm tell em there gonna die let me lose n all that i don't remember if anything happen to me there check her out after all this click i'm out n it's like i was drop on my bed my gf good oh good i had suck a bad dream as i'm raising up i'm wet sweat all over like i'm just outta bath i say i had bad dream to she started telling me my dream i get mad n say gd i talk n my sleep she didn't know at time i tell her i had same dream it was around 4 am after everything only time my son is ten n healthy .. i like to under b see what i can remember but i'm fearful..Thing that i hate most my son now siad he seen them n i can't listen or take it as real from the fear inside me

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Credit: MUFON

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