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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lyndon, Kansas on 2001-08-28 22:30:00 - i was in bed and heard and felt vibrating humming sound, i looked out my window and saw flashing lights around a spherical object

i’m not sure of the exact date but i was 16 at the time and it was during school but it was still summer out. so i’m going to guess late august or early september in 2001. it was 1030 at night and i know for sure because i looked at the clock. i was in bed trying to fall asleep but something seemed strange or wrong. i didn’t understand for quite some time. i finally realized that i was hearing some kind of electrical humming that was very quiet and deep in pitch so it took me awhile to understand what i was feeling.I could also feel the vibration in my body. i spent probably 15 minutes or so looking around my room for an electronic device that could be causing such a noise. i would put my ear close to my clock, to my radio , to my boom box, and anything else i could think of. however, it was none of these things. i laid back down in bed and tried to go to sleep but the sound would not stop and i couldn’t stand not knowing. i laid there staring at the ceiling and contemplating where it could be coming from when i suddenly realized the sound was evenly distributed around me, as in it wasn’t coming from a certain direction and that it was from outside of the house. i then looked out of my west window and saw an object in the sky above my pasture.. it was about 300 yards away from the house and about 200 feet above the treetops. it looked to be a spherical object but it was nighttime and the object was very dark, all i saw was an outline. there were a line of lights that appeared to circle around the object. the lights were flashing every color in the rainbow while spinning in a diagonal line around the object. which gave the illusion that the craft was tilted toward the ground. i could tell that the sound was definitely coming from the object and i could feel my heart in my chest vibrating. it was a very uncomfortable feeling. i decided to go get my father so that he could look out the window and tell me i’m not crazy. he looked out the window and thankfully the object was still there. my father is not someone who believes in such things as ufos. so he said something along the lines of, “what the h$&* !” and then mumbled about it being some kind of military experiment and then walked out of my room. i watched the object for 20 minutes longer but it never changed what it was doing. i was exhausted and laid down to go to sleep and that’s all i remember of that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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