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Friday, January 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on 1994-06-01 22:10:00 - I saw the ufo with light skin and woke up paralyzed sourrounded by them

Hi i just want to share an experience i had when i was in my teens. i lived at the time in a trailer park not far from the airport and at that time planes would hover so low in our neighborhood that we couldn’t have a full conversation we would pause and wait and continue i believe it affected my hearing growing up. one night i was going to go to sleep and i heard what i believed was a plane hover low but however this plane wasn’t flying by so i found that strange and looked out my window and saw a stationary ufo hovering with different colored lights shining on it. i couldn’t believe what i saw and closed the curtains and pretended it wasn’t real and went sleep. when i woke up it was literally the most frightening experience in my life ! i couldn’t get up out of bed, i couldn’t even talk or move at all ! all i could do was move my eyes around the room. miami is always hot in the summer and the temperature in my room was freezing cold ! when i looked around my room just with moving my eyes i saw beings all around me, they seemed like holographic see through humans but skinny and tall and almost like see through which was weird. i remember seeing two in front of my feet appearing to have a conversation. i grew up catholic and very religious at that time and when i saw two in front of me having a conversation i screamed inside my head because i couldn’t talk or move ! i screamed help me jesus ! and when i did that the two in the front stopped talking and looked straight at me as if they heard it and before i knew they were all gone and when they left it was early in the morning as soon i could get up i ran out my room and was going to wake up my parents and tell them all about it but i said to myself no one is going to believe me so i left it alone and went to school as if nothing happened and thought to myself it was not real. when i got home from school i played basketball with two neighbors of mine and when we finished the two cousins told me they had a similar experience last night. i however didn’t tell them my experience at all ! they questioned me if i had an experience and i said no ! in fear of making this a big deal ! and we just left it at that. in my personal opinion i believe those beings were checking out the entire neighborhood and us kids at that time which i was woke up and saw them. mind you the neighborhood was extremely poor and run down and still is which i don’t understand why they would pick us ? after that event i continued going to church and praying everyday. one night when i was praying i felt some being touch my heart and i felt completely reborn and forgiven of my sins and voice spoke to me and told me to write things down. i didn’t write it down because of the fear and shock over the experience. a few weeks later i saw a being by my door dressed in white and faceless his head was a ball of light and he quickly disappeared. i don’t know if somehow or some weird way my alien experience has something to do with jesus. i grew up reading the bible and still do and i always questioned priests and pastors why don’t we say that jesus was an alien ? it’s literally in there ! jesus many times in the bible has said his kingdom is not here but in heaven and us humans can’t understand it unless we become like children. when my heart was touched i felt like a little kid again and felt the greatest power of love unimaginable ! there no drug on earth close to the feeling i had when whoever it was touched my heart and to me that was just amazing and i will never forget it, peace. also i just want to remain anonymous but i’m just sharing this because i believe it is important

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Credit: MUFON

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