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Friday, January 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Moneral City, Ohio on 1977-06-01 00:00:00 - Thaught is was the moon, but was under cloud cover and raining, was on right side of car, turned when we turned staying on the right side, when cresting the hill it sent a beam of light that hit the car, and shut everthing off, lights, radio, engine

In 1977, my friend and i were coming home from a night out. he was driving a 1968 mercury couger, with an automatic trans. i was in the passenger seat, looking out the window. it was about 11:00 on a rainy night maybe june some time. we were heading ne on rt 800 going towards mineral city, when i saw what looked like the moon. i made a comment to my buddy “hey how can the moon be out when it’s storming outside” he said he didn’t know & seemed disinterested. i continued to look at it, and said to him “hey this thing is moving with us” he looked and said it’s the moon, i said “ no man its’s under the clouds i see the clouds” at about that time he turned left onto tusky valley rd, at that time named county rd 106. the object mage the turn at the same time. when my buddy saw this as i did he said “ wow man yr right it’s not the moon. we continued up the hill to the crest of the hill, when the object beamed a very bright light at the car. when it hit the car everything stopped working, engine cut out, head light & interior light including radio, all went out. it seemed for only seconds, and the car was at a stand still when it started by itself. we were freaked out, it was close to my home and he pulled into the drive way. before i got out still freaked out i said “did that really happen?” he said what ever it was it’s gone now, and i was like in a daze, ya it is’t up there anymore, kind of like an after thaught, i felt wired & just said i would talk to him tomorrow. he drove off, and i went into my parents house, when i looked at the clock it was after 1:00 in the morning. i was baffled by this because i knew what time it was when we left town to go home, and i had to work the next morning & wanted to be home early. i called my buddy about 1/2 hour later, giving him time to get home. i said “ hey man look at the time, am i loosing my mind, or is it a hole lot latter than it should be. he was also baffled by the time. we had graduated high school the summer before, but still had girlfriends at the highscool. our girlfriend’s both told us of students who said they saw and some parents saw ufo’s that night, and one student said he saw it land in the strip mine behind his home. i have often through the years reached out to my old frind & said we need to be hypnotized to see if something more may haved happened to us.

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Credit: MUFON

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