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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sedalia, Missouri on 1973-07-01 01:05:00 - Great light show and flight maneuvarability.

Member of the asaf stationed at whiteman afb. not of the night, believe in 1973 while guarding a vehicle that broke down, due to having classified material aboard it. it was about 1:00 am, as i was thumbing through a field and stream or some other sport hunting mag, i noticed a bright light w/strobing lights set behind w rotating the color sequence. i thought it was one of the huey's doing a security fly by, but it approached and was getting closer i could not hear the usual wap wap of those famous blades! that's when i hit my partner in the arm and he took notice and thought the same thing i did about the security check until i pointed out the missing wap wap! so now as we are watching it approach us from sw/direction of base??, compared to our location. the ufo stops at the tree line and hovers as we watch it about 5 min.S. then it follows tree line nw corner and back slowly. hovers again for another 5 min.S. before it does the same thing . except this time it drops below the tree line and we move from the vehicle to the access road and walk down to get closer/look, i can only see the movement of somewhat small sized individuals,this goes on for about 10 min.S. then the craft rises to above the tree line and returns to its original position in the sw corner, sits for a few min.S. now at this time we got a show flight that i can only describe that of a fly on window, zippidy do das, loopty loops zig zags and then within micro seconds it was gone! the date is approximent!

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Credit: MUFON

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