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Monday, January 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in New York on 1994-03-31 12:00:00 - The sky filled with disc shaped objects of different sizes disguised as clouds

Attached please find images from the time i wrote this all down in a journal approximately 10 years after the event took place. there is also a basic sketch attached. i was in co-op city in the bronx at my godparents apartment watching tv in their living room. in the living room the entire side wall is covered in about a ten foot wide section of windows that begin at around 3ft off the ground to about a foot from the ceiling, so there is a clear view outside the window to the area above the bronx-pelham landfill. the apartment is on the 12th floor so there aren't any obstructions from the ground. there was a clear blue sky. i remember feeling hazy, despite being around 13-15 years old and never experimenting with drugs of any kind at the time. i thought i saw a cloud move funny so i walked over to the window. the sky was completely clear except for a single cloud or cloud-like shape that was cylindrical, similar to the shape of a football, but wider and narrower. so, i guess, similar to many ufo shaped objects. i remember thinking this was an odd shaped cloud. then from the right corner of the shape a smaller object of the same shape seemed to come off of it. despite this second shape coming off of it, it didn't decrease in size. it was at this point that i noticed a second larger 'cloud' in the sky quite a bit to the right of the first one. that second one also, eventually had a smaller shape come out of it. overtime, and relatively slowly, the sky began to be filled with at least half a dozen of the larger shapes with a good number of the smaller shapes. the smaller ones always came from a larger one. it was somewhere around here that i began to truly think that what i was witnessing wasn't a natural phenomena, nor a collection of clouds. i made that assertion based on the fact that the shapes weren't moving across the sky the way clouds move. they were turning mid air, speeding up and slowing down. and although they were all white and hazy, like clouds, some seemed to have flashing lights on them. i remember thinking i needed to not be the only witness or no one would believe me, so i went into the kitchen where i found my godfather. i asked him if he saw the strange shapes in the sky. he agreed that the clouds were oddly shaped, but he didn't make anything more of it. i went back into the living room where the windows were larger and i could get a better look. the larger shapes barely moved once they set themselves in the sky and all the smaller ones did the vast majority of moving. eventually all of the smaller objects return to their respective larger object. then one by one the larger objects left off into the distance until the sky was clear blue and empty again. it was only afterwards that i thought about what could actually be happening. my theory is that the smaller shapes were collecting data of some kind and returning to their parent vessels. it was also at that time that it occurred to me that my hazy feeling was probably intentional in order to help the vessels go undetected. i don't know what it was. i don't know what to do about it. but i do know what i saw. something strange happened in the sky that day over the bronx-pelham landfill and it was clearly an unnatural event.

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Credit: MUFON

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