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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Bradford, Illinois on 1992-10-15 17:20:00 - I was driving home from work and the crafts were hovering over the road one half mile from my house.

i was driving home from work in kewanee, illinois and it was dusk, but still very light. i looked ahead of me as i drove near my home just off of illinois rt. 93 5 miles east of bradford, illinois. i looked up just above the tree tops and there was 2 boomerang shaped crafts hovering over and near the road. i slowed down, rolled the window down on the car and stuck my head out the window to get a good look at the one that was over the road. there were 5 cars behind me that also slowed down to look. there was no noise and the crafts did not move. i could see the designs on the underside of the craft. there appeared to be several window like openings on the front edge where light was shinning through. i then sped up to get home, one half mile away, so that i could get another look at them. when i got home and looked in the direction where they were, they were gone. that evening i was watching the 10pm local news, ch. 25 nbc, out of peoria, illinois. the anchor, tom connors, reported that over 200 callers called into the station reporting to have seen ufos that evening. tom reported that the tv station called the air national guard, located at the peoria airport, and they claimed that it was just maneuvers of the c-130s. i know what a c-130 looks like because they did maneuvers over my house often and these were not c-130s. c-130s are not boomerang shaped and that large let alone hover! over the 20 years that i lived out there i have had many more sightings of different types of crafts. just a few miles from my house is the bradford airport, just a little grass landing field, but contains the beacons for guiding aircraft into the chicago airports. i think that this might be a factor in why i have had so many sightings.

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Credit: MUFON

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