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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Kentucky on 2017-10-16 00:00:00 - Flying on a commercial plane and saw enormous object hovering in the sky for 15+/- minutes

I was flying alone on a southwest airlines flight from oklahoma to maryland. i had been on the flight for some time and was seated in the window seat of the left side of the plane when looking forward. out my window i saw two enormous vertical wings hovering in place at my 11 oclock, miles away, at first guess i would say 2 miles, at my altitude (usually 30,000 ft?). the body of the object was obscured by a flat field of clouds, like snow, with the wings protruding up vertically. the clouds were white, covering the entire sky below the wings. i never took my eyes off of the object, which hovered in place as the plane passed it in the sky. i observed it for at least 10-15 minutes. the wings were vertical with a slight v angle - the first thing that came to mind is the air force emblem. they were black on the back or inside and white on the outside. the wings were flat broadside to my view, so i could see the inside of the farthest and the outside of the closest. a few minutes into viewing another southwest airlines commercial plane flew between us at a lower altitude and it was the size of a gnat - it was then that i realized how enormous the vertical wings were, and that southwest plane put the distance into perspective for me - i would now say that the object was at least 3-5 miles away. based on the size of the passing southwest flight, i would say that the vertical wings were at least 300-400 feet tall. if i were to hold up my fingers from my viewpoint to measure them, they would be about 3/4 inches. i watched the wings transform - they slowly changed from their vertical position into a horizontal position as my plane passed them in the sky. when they were a little less than my 10 o'clock position they were no longer at a 90 degree angle but maybe 45 degrees. around 9 o'clock position they flattened into a line, very hard to see, almost as if they not only flattened but also rotated so they were no longer broadside to me and simultaneously they emitted a gray cloud as if to obscure the object. i could see it starkly against the blue sky slightly above the white clouds. it was the only gray cloud in the sky. i then used my cell phone to video the flat gray cloud (which has the date and time info) and saved it to google photos where all of my life's photos are kept. i videoed and watched the object until it was out of view. this video has now disappeared and so have any other photos i may have taken during that flight and others from that month. i know that the video was there in google photos because i viewed it multiple times after the fact. i discussed this with a close friend who works in intelligence and shortly thereafter the video had disappeared. it may be important to note that i am a photographer and am working on a project of aerial photography, so i am constantly taking photos while in flight. please note that i am not positive of this date as i traveled every other week during this time. since i lost the date and time from the video it has been hard to determine but i believe i narrowed it down to either on 10/16/17 swa flight 1046 or 9/11/17 swa flight 2020. it is unlikely to be the following flights but since i can't pinpoint the date i will list them anyway in the hopes that someone else saw it and has reported it. it may have been 10/1/17 swa flight 3054 or 10/31/17 delta 1147 but i doubt it. i would like to know if someone else has reported this object or saw it at the same time that i did.

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Credit: MUFON

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