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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Youngstown, Ohio on 1970-06-30 00:00:00 - At drive-in threater as young teen with family. everybody at the drive-in was out of there cars pointing and watching this light in the sky.

I was at the drive in movies with mom dad brothers an sister. a young teen myself about 13/14 in the late 60's early 70's, been so long ago, give or take a yr. or so. when dad says, what is everyone pointing at. i lowered my eyes from the big screen ( don't remember the movies playing that night )to the parking area. when i see people in front of us out of there cars, pointing and all looking to the left of the drive-in theater. when all of a sudden dad says look, and gets out of the car and mom gets out of the car. well then i got out while my 2 lil brothers an sister stayed in. i'm looking around the drive-in and see everybody is out of there cars staring and pointing at the dark skyline to our left. when all of a sudden i see what looks to be a light bulb in the dark sky above the tree line. far off in the sky, i'm guessing maybe a couple miles away darting all over the place. up down left and right back an forth, drop out of sight behind the tree line. just to come up seconds later some where else behind the tree line. this went on for maybe five mins or so the light bulb much faster than any plane or helicopter darting around in the sky. when then it leaves, going higher and further away from the area it was in. and now the silence is broken with chatter from everyone there. what was that i can hear coming from all around me, what was that. as people are looking around at each other asking this of the person standing next to the car beside or behind them. only to get one of two answers, i don't know or ufo. ufo was the answer i heard the most coming from every direction. as we and everyone else slips back into our cars, i ask dad. what was that? laughingly dad says ufo. we never talked about that night again after that, i don't know why. i'm sure i was a curious young teen, but oh well. flash forward about 50 yrs and a friend of mine brought up the subject, ufo's. i told him my story and he told me to get on the internet. so here i am. unfortunately mom and dad has passed since then as i suspect many other parents and others also. youngstown around 1970 maybe give or take a yr or so. i think it might of been southside drive-in as we went most. not for sure though knowing there were about four drive-ins our area. was you a young or middle aged or older teen. or even in your early to late twenties. it was at a drive-in theater, had to be a couple hundred people there. do you remember this night?

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Credit: MUFON

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