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Friday, January 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Quincy, Massachusetts on 1985-06-15 00:00:00 - As a young child playing with my cousin, a light came down from the sky, met us at our level, stayed and then left.

i was a young girl when this happened, about 7 or 8 years old. (over 30 years ago now) it was a beautiful summer day and i was playing outside on this morning, with my cousin, who was about five years older than myself. i had a baby doll in my hand and i was standing on top of the picnic table, on one end of it. my cousin was within five feet of me on the grass below. i was playing “house” with my cousin and was pretending that my baby was crying. so i was wailing very loudly, as if my baby was inconsolable. at this time, a glowing light from the sky quickly caught my attention. it was clearly coming towards us, as was evident by the growing intensity of the light. within seconds, it had descended to the other end of the picnic table. it was extremely bright. i recall holding my hand up to my face to form a visor over my eyes. it didn’t say anything. it didn’t have any distinct features. it kind of had the shape of a bowling pin. the top was more narrow than its base. it only stood there and beamed an intense light like nothing i’ve ever seen before, or ever since. i was at awe, but not afraid. i was confused at what it was. with my hands up to my face, still trying to shield my eyes from its intense lightt, (and while being somewhat frozen as to what i should do next), i thought about my cousin. i looked over to where she had been playing, and quickly noticed that she was also frozen and was watching this thing, like me, with her hand up to her face. we all stayed frozen in this mutual moment of observation for what seemed like 5 minutes or so. and then without a peep or a gesture of fairwell, it quickly descended back up to the sky leaving a glowing trail of light that quickly dissapated in its path. immediately after it was gone, both my cousin and i, without saying a word to each other, instinctively ran towards the house where we excitedly relayed what we had seen to my mother. my mother, after hearing our story, separated my cousin and i. she gave us each some paper and crayons and instructed us to draw what we had just seen. to her surprise alone, our pictures were remarkable similar. my mother was a religious woman at the time and always assumed we had “seen an angel”. i knew no better than to go with her explanation. however, this experience was one that i have never fully been able to understand or forget. in my teen years, i spoke to my cousin about this experience we had together, years beforehand.. we hadn’t spoken of it for years at that point. i asked her if she remembered it and she simply replied: “how could i ever forget?” we talked about the details from our experience and they were identical. and however reassuring to hear, it was really no surprise to me. although neither of us had ever been certain of the meaning of this encounter, the intention, the true identity, etc., all we really were sure of is that it happened. my mother had always told me that when i grew up, maybe the meaning of that experience would become clear to me. i think she hoped it would prove to give me a spiritual enlightenment of sorts. i always hoped one day i would look back and understand why this happened, who or what visited us that day. i hoped it would all come together. but, years later now, i am a 41 year old mother. i have four beautiful children, a house, a career, wonderful friends, an amazing family... i am blessed in many ways. but i will always be baffled at this childhood experience i had. so i thought i’d share. l

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Credit: MUFON

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