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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Winkfield Row, England on 2018-06-03 11:00:00 - Unusual, almost crescent moon shaped object, silently floating under the clouds

I was out walking and while im out im always looking up (most of my walks are at night as i like to look at the stars and planets and whatever else i can see) just to see whats up there. im walking by worlds end playground in forrest park, bracknell, england, and i see something off to the south but at first glance it looked kinda funny, almost like a crescent moon or a ball with a rectangular shaped slice taken at the half way point starting from the left side but only going around 85-90% of the way through to the other side. it stopped me in my tracks and i couldnt stop looking at it, it seemed to rotate slightly and then it was moving across the sky. i was still fixed staring at it and i thought it was weirder still because i couldnt hear any engine noise or see any exhaust fumes, i also noticed that it was moving fairly slow almost like a blimp or hot air balloon. when it got about overhead, i thought id take a picture on my phone. by the time i got my phone out, got into the camera, i couldnt get a good shot of the object, i managed to get one as it moved away but when i enlarge or zoom in it looses focus and i still cant tell what it is. i checked with weather service who confirmed cloud altitude of 1000-1500 metres (3300-4900 feet), i also checked with nats asking if they had anything on radar at the time in question but they said they couldnt give out such info and they were exempt from freedom of information so i hit my dead end. i have tried to do image enhancement on the picture i took but my software isnt good enough to get more than an out of focus blob. it has been a while since this sighting and am only just reporting it to you now as i still get mad with curiosity over what it was i saw and thought you might of had some other reports, or you might be able to look at the picture i took and enhance it beyond my abilities. you never know till you try right.

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Credit: MUFON

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