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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Florida on 2019-01-20 00:01:00 - Hallucinations

I am contacting you because my husband submitted a report to your agency a few days ago. his name is scott everill! the reason for me contacting you is because my husband scott is a raging alcoholic and a hard drug user! every time he uses the hard drugs mixed with extreme amounts of hard liquor, he hallucinates! he had been hallucinating on and off for a good month before contacting you! my children , who could also testify to this , have to endure this for days on end! our neighbors have seen him hallucinating screaming that there were 100’s of ships above our house while he was running around hiding in bushes! we can all attest that there was nothing there! he calls my son on his all night drug binges to go in his room because creatures are climbing on the walls of course there’s nothing there as usual! we are at the end of our ropes he needs rehab not someone who doesn’t know anything about him and what his dependency problem is doing to our family! his latest drug binge started on monday, which is what he contacted you about! he was fired from his job due to the nonsense, he then drove to the woods , left his car open and with the keys in it and had a nice drug binge in the woods that lasted all day! when he went back to his car it was gone! stolen!!! he left it open with the keys in it with about $5000 worth of tools what did he expect! i’m a nurse so i work long hrs! on tuesday he didn’t go to work he had been sleeping since monday i figured he was coming down off the drugs on wednesday i asked him where his truck was he then told me he couldn’t remember! then he said the aliens took it! he doesn’t honestly know where it is! he slept for two entydays and didn’t report it stolen until i started asking him questions! now he’s filed this rediculous report to you and your people are calling him! enough you are giving into a junkie! he thinks he is famous now! he’s told everyone and anyone that will listen but of course everyone knows he’s a junkie! thought you should know the truth! jeannie everill note: i do have audio and video of scott everill hallucinating!

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Credit: MUFON

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