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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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UFO Sighting in York, Nebraska on 2007-11-24 04:00:00 - Light orb parallel to vehicle when traveling, then rapidly accelerated to the front of vehicle.

thanksgiving holiday visiting family in lincoln nebraska. driving home on passenger side to houston texas on highway 81 coming out of york heading south about 4:00 am. driver sees something on the west out my window and said “look a falling star” so i look and see a white orb that looks like a star but it’s a bit bigger than the star in the dark sky. and i say “no it’s not a falling star because it’s not falling straight down” it is moving parallel to our vehicle. i said it has to be a ufo and i felt excited and scared when it moved ahead of us and hope for another vehicle to come along on the dark and empty highway. the orb stays at the same speed as the vehicle about 65 to 75 mph for 4 seconds and looks to be 100 yards away. then rabidly moves ahead of the vehicle moving from west to south align with the highway. the object keeps the same distance and shape, then moves upwards and then streaks up and disappears within another 4 seconds. by that same time of the object disappearing a vehicle head lights appear on the highway 81 moving north bound.

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Credit: MUFON

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