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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cidreira, RS, State of Rio Grande do Sul on 2001-01-16 00:00:00 - Starlike. shining light, bright, white and blue, moving in circles

In 2001 we were living in a small town, south brasil (cidreira beach - about 70 miles from porto alegre, the metro city). my oldest daughter was 11 years old, my second child was 2 and we were walking back to home, after buying bread at some local bakery. then we've noticed a light on the sky. it was like a star, distant, but brighter than the stars, and closer. it was moving, but not in a line like an airplane. it was girdling and seemed to be coming closer. my little boy started shouting.. "ets, ets", full of excitement, but my girl was scared and she started crying, i've tried comforting her, getting her calm, saying: - it's ok, baby, it is just a light, probably a helicopter. but the little one kept yelling, excited, like trying to get the attention of "somebody" in that would be controlling the light. then the girl said... "stop, go away, you're all scaring me". then the light moved away for a second and then vanished. we've headed to home, normally, i was trying to talk about other things so the kids would not be so impressed with the experience, trying to minimize it. but then suddenly we've heard a noise, like an explosion and a plane crash (no airports or airforce bases in the area), and a blackout on electric services. the town had no lights for some minutes. in the darkness, we've stopped by a wall near our home, waiting the street lights back to normal. then we could hear syrene (like firetrucks and police cruisers) heading to the dunes, because that were no homes on east side of the town. in a few minutes the electricity was back, we run to home. next day were no news about the incident, nothing on the newspaper or tv mentioning what happened. i've walked to the dunes, some neighbors were curious as well, but there was not a single sign of crash, the sands were clean, it is like the place was completely sweeped, we were all crazy, nobody in the city hall, hospital, police services would tell us anything, everyone in the public services denied that something ever happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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