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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Santa Rita de Casia, Chihuahua on 1985-09-11 21:30:00 - Sphere gloing white blue erodescente highly charged electricity

Craft sent down a blue laser like light after stop my car the light went true the steel top of the dodge charger like it was convertible. the thing inside beem or teleport me inside some how. it talk with out moving the lips. it fill mechanical but more advance than a robot a cyborg maybe? in any case it teleport the craft to colares some 3 or 4 thousand milles way. in i second i can see my car down on the road. onthe next i was in colares. the thinng say ( do not be afreid we will not harm you. that was wen i see the other one it blend on the spacecraft but i can see the silhouette it look the same as the other but not the same. it did not talk to me i think it was more like in charge of operating the craft. inside was a galactic map with a green dot on the earth and a yellow dot on a planet beond sirius with strange symbols. any way it say something about voyager 1 and 2 was a bad event it will attract the hostile et that are technologic much more advance and specialize in sterilizing planets and mining it. so someone there please pass the message to the guys in charge. please let then know it show me what this thing can do. yes, i receive some kind of projection in my read. we can't defend ourselves from some thing like that. i ask his nane and he say i don't have a name and names are irrelevant all that is is mathematics equations and geometry. and thay are no aloud to interfere with are mistakes. we are causing damage to the planet and to the galaxie the hostiles have a bennie function clear species the do not evolve to satisfactory standart to be a interstelar species. we are here to point your species in the right direction failure to comply will be fetal. ) he sayd at righ time the person that need to here the message i would know. at that time i have no idea i was going to live in the usa. however on to today the person has no cross paths with me. and i think we are running uot of time. stop sending messages to be destroy this is what thay do sterilize.

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Credit: MUFON

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