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Friday, January 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Portland , Oregon on 2018-12-02 18:47:00 - Orbing light in forest, followed by a light cutting through the clouds and taking a hard turn up

My friend and i are catching up with one another in forest park on an old road (53rd and cornell) where we would always hangout in high school. the time was about 6 o clock when i picked him up. by the time we were up there talking to one another, we soon noticed an odd orbing light emitting through the trees. it was roughly 50 yards away and had a strange aura about it. we didn’t understand what to think so we decided to just forget about it, we noticed another car was behind us as we saw this light start to appear in the trees. they soon left in a hurry which didn’t make us any more comfortable with the situation. we fixed our vision on the object as it then dimmed completely out. disoriented,we left to another good star gazing pullover just down the road about 500 feet. i backed in my suv and we sit just starting off out the windshield trying to make anything of the strange light. i will also note, this is the beginning of december and it was nearly 38 degrees. light rain, but not ideal for anyone to be in a dark forest. we then encountered what we believe was caught on koin 6 portland news, which i happened to come across just a month later on youtube. pondering our orb encounter just moments before the real deal shows up, we see what appears to be a somewhat fast moving object behind the thin cut trees on 53rd. we’re looking ne which places this object directly over the willamate river, moving at a slight degree upward and on a direct path. my friend states “shooting star!” right as soon as the words fall out of his mouth, the object makes a direct change in direction, almost making a backward nike “swoosh”, emitting a green light above it on the clouds. this all happened within 3 or so seconds and we didn’t have a clue what we had saw. we felt confused and frustrated that nobody would ever understand what we saw, and would fall as another misidentified plane or flare. we new that this was more than that, but from our peers eyes. it wouldn’t be the same. however the story doesn’t stop here. just after the new year, i am browsing youtube as a pretty interesting “best ufo sightings 2018” pops up. i proceeded, and when the video seemed pretty real, (nasa footage of fast discs flying around the international space station, orbs, etc. i wasn’t even going to guess i would see my local news station as the next encounter. as the video rolls, my jaw drops as the object replays on footage again and again and again. not to mention, the news anchors have their backs to the willamate river, directly in view of what we were looking at. take a look for yourself,

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Credit: MUFON

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