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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Tigard, Oregon on 2019-01-06 20:35:00 - Ufo spotted with changing light pattern ejected orb changing patterns

I was taking my dogs out and like to look at the stars wile doing this. it was a clear night with little to no cloud cover. i live in a flight path of one major airport and then a local airport. i often see or hear airplanes and helicopters in the area so i am used to the lights used on these aircraft's. i noticed at first an object that i thought was a helicopter as it was stationary and continued looking at the stars. i looked back and it was still there but now i notice that the lights were pulsating, flashing sequentially. but the lights were not always in sequence and would randomly flash red, blue and white. i realized that this was not normal for a helicopter and the lights that i would normally see. the shape of this object was somewhat cigar shaped. at this point, i see something ejected from the current shape which was a red like orb shape. the shape then started transforming into a triangle shape but was odd as it looked like two triangles intertwined but was not solid in shape but space could be seen around, between the shapes. it was rotating with lights flashing and very bright. when i first noticed the stationary object it was a little se of my location, slightly above the tree line and continued to stay in the location even after the orb was ejected. the orb/triangle shape then started rotating faster in a nw direction but did not follow a normal path of an aircraft as it was moving sideways, rotating and climbed higher into the air. i watched until it disappeared from my sight. the first object was still in place and i went in to grab some binoculars. i could clearly see the lights, shape of the object. i tried to photograph but could not get a picture. i watched for about 15 minutes before going back inside.

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Credit: MUFON

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