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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sittingbourne, England on 1981-10-01 21:05:00 - Appeared in the corner of my right eye, glided then stopped over house opp from me then shot straight up & disappeared into cloud

I cannot remember the date or the year thou it was in early 1980`s i was in my early 20`s,having watched tv "man from atlantis" and before "police woman" started at 9`oclock gmt, i let our dog out at the back of the house, standing by the back door waiting for him to do what dog`s do, i saw this smudge of lights out of the corner of my right eye, thinking it was a firework(rocket)(as we have guy fawkes in nov in the uk)didn't look at it at first waiting for it to explode which it didn't so then looked. it moved across the sky slowly from my right to the house opp; in front of me where it hovered over(to me)the house with a low oscillating humming sound coming from it(humm...Humm...Humm etc) then after sometime it shot straight up into the cloud bank with a swishing/buzzing sound. the lights made a cigar shape, my dog didn't do anything carried on as if nothing happened or anything was there. the sky was part cloud part clear stars visible, cannot remember if there was a moon, ground dry, thought was that a ufo? it didn't trouble me felt privileged at the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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