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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Peoria, Arizona on 2018-12-31 00:55:00 - Red to red-orange orbs in the sky with slow and smooth path.

I was leaving work at about 11:55 pm on new years eve, 2018. fireworks were going off all around and off the southwest, i saw 2 red balls of light coming toward me. i went in and told one of my co-workers to come out here and check this out. we were both taking video of the object. they made an arc just to the south and then flew to the southeast and up in to the clouds. on the way home about a mile away, i observed 3 more of the same type of object. when i got in my driveway, i saw 2 more and took video. there were two fighter jets flying in the sky to the west as luke afb is just to the west of my residence. they again flew up in to the clouds. my mother was visiting and i told her about what i saw and urged her to come outside to see. i went outside and saw 3 more and a airline jet in the sky near them. i called for her to come outside and see and she saw them too. these appeared to rise in the sky then fly toward me and then up in the sky at about a 45 degree angle. after about 12:30 am, i saw no more. i have video.

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Credit: MUFON

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