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Monday, January 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on 2018-09-14 11:20:00 - Irridescent, shallow-"m", wing-like object tracked through stormclouds and banked toward me then disappeared above north tampa bay

I'm standing at my desk at work and texting my friends, my mind is wandering and i'm thinking about lunch after a busy morning. my desk is on the second floor above ground and looks over a mangrove forest and the large sky over north tampa bay. i'm admiring the beautiful cumulonimbus clouds, and, all of a sudden, a large, iridescent, boomerang shaped object with a shallow "m" in the middle appears in the lower part of the clouds. at first, i think it's a big flock of birds. the object continues to track eastward over the courtney campbell causeway at a low velocity. i grab the binoculars next to my desk that i normally use to watch birds and the object, or craft, appears to have circles and segments that glow in all the colors of the rainbow, notably a pink-violet hue. i say out loud "what the" and am transfixed by the strange object's beauty. i distinctly have the impression that it sees me seeing "it" and i get the idea that it's a positive "entity" (for lack of a better term). as soon as i think to grab my phone and take video footage, i see the craft suddenly bank towards me so i see a more vertical boomerang profile and it vanishes once out of the clouds and cast against the blue sky. i then realize it did not appear to be a flock of white, iridescent birds and i jot down some notes about what i saw in my project notebook. the strange part is, now, i often see the same boomerang shaped, shallow "m" profile as floaters in my vision when i'm feeling calm and looking at a large expanse of the sky. i understand this phenomena has to do with the anatomy of the retina, but, it's curious that it would take that same shape...

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Credit: MUFON

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