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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Roscoe, New York on 2009-02-28 04:04:00 - Several occasions, humanoid appeared two seperate times at my window, knocking on glass could see hand. then saw ufo another time nearby.

- [ ] these events that took place were the most frightening experiences in my young life, as i am now 26 as of yesterday. i actually ended up bringing this up on my birthday while watching on of your documentaries regarding hangar 1. i have told my parents so many times i can’t even count, although they do not believe me even with my 3 separate witnesses. there are 3 seperate occasions in which i believe unknown phenomenon has occurred. since i was child i have been petrified of my window in my room where i grew up. one particular window i always kept my eyes on and sometimes it was impossible to sleep and i would tell my parents something was watching me. so indeed just that occurs, and you could imagine the terror i felt one night while having a sleepover with my best friend at the time (i was 13) when some one was at my window. at first i wasn’t too afraid since i had thought it was my friend from across my lake who snook out of their house to visit me during the night. i decided to walk outside yet no one was outside despite my attempts to yell their name. i swear we both saw a figure standing outside the window... but what actually woke us up was a loud bang noise. after i checked and returned the figure had drifted off into the darkness in the wooded area someplace and i then was very frightened since i knew then, it was not my friend. i ended up going back to sleep thinking maybe it was a prank yet months later during winter i would come to find it absolutely was not. another winter night i was having a sleepover with my other friend (she was 18 at the time) when the similar circumstances took place.... i heard a very loud bang noise and then a figure once again was standing outside the window. i have a spot light shining on my driveway and the way the light is you can see out of my window not far but you can visibly see sillouettes, yet whatever is standing outside can see in very clearly. the snow was very deep about 5 foot. the figure or humanoid (which must have been about 6 or 7 feet tall to stand with its stature and silhouette in my window the way it was) starts banging on the window slightly with hand outstretched and i could see an extremely pale hand touching the glass. i was sleeping with my house phone in my room every night in case of another event such as this i could call my own house and wake my father up... in a way i had a feeling it would return. i immediately called my father absolutely frozen in terror thinking i might actually die because something or some one is breaking into my room. my friend became hysterical and she couldn’t stop laughing because she was so scared. we couldn’t believe what was happening. soon enough my father came rushing up the stairs from downstairs in my home and runs outside. i am hiding under a blanket then i run out of my room. at some point when i left the room and my friend was covering her eyes it had left. not a single trace of any animal or being was left, and trust me there would have been prints in the snow... even if it were a tree branch ... it’s not possible and i know what i saw. there was absolutely nothing and the snow surface was absolutely pristine. at this point i could not believe my eyes and have been terrified every night since that i slept in that room. i started calling him “charlie” my alien boyfriend as a joke with my friends and they all always told me to shut up when i joked around... we were all petrified. my parents at this point hardly believe me yet remember me saying strange things when i was a child. i once reported that i saw a silent plane shaped like a triangle (it was white) once flying very high above my house while i was kayaking on the lake i live on. my dad confirmed that it could be a delta wing yet that would be very rare. ever since i have been extremely wary about the area due to some other strange ufo sightings and being young i started to believe this could have been an alien experience... it doesn’t stop there though... i have always been plagued by very strange dreams which are completely lucid and in which i can feel and sense everything that happens in them, even pain. these dreams sometimes were prophetic, i noticed more so after the encounter which could have been a coincidence.... yet were strange. i remember telling my mother about this weird beach where a lot of asian people were running down as the seawater retracted and tons of strange creatures were left (sharks, reef, etc.) and then a huge wave came and destroyed everyone (i think i may have died in the dream)... strangely enough a tsunami was reported soon after in asia.... this was getting very strange. i would have dreams in which numbers were told to me and were extremely important especially the number 7789. that one was the most important and i was told to never forget it... my father told me in the dream before government officials took him away in a black lincoln near a cobblestone street in a small warehouse with a dial pad entrance near a harbor. the strangest thing is that 7789 ended up correlating to me as google searches became an every day hunt for answers.... turns out it is a galaxy called caroline’s white rose. the weirdest thing is that (and cannot possibly be a coincidence this large) the pictures hanging adjacent to one another in my room on the walls were a picture of a woman in a black hat which is a painting of a famous artists’ wife, caroline (name excluded- but a good family friend and famous artist), and a sketch of a rose in pencil i had drawn during school for an art project which it is not colored in and in fact is a white rose. this was extremely strange and far too coincidental to just be by accident. one night i woke up perhaps i may have been sleepwalking ... weird enough, to find rocks (small stones) in my bed along with my feet covered in mud when i woke up. there also was a trail of muddy footprints back to my bed into my room so i must have been walking around unbeknownst to me, in the middle of the night outside near the woods at my house. aside from the dreams and the sleepwalking instance, another unbelievable event occurred in which i do in fact have video taken on an early generation ipod... i was driving up to my house from my hometown with my friend in the middle of the night around 4am, i was 17 or 18 at the time when my friend (another girl not aforementioned) exclaimed that she saw a plane moving extremely fast right out of my driver side window. at that time i stopped my car and i was directly under huge power lines that go through the state i believe. i look up and to my dismay and disbelief it is hovering right above me not making a single sound. at this point i cannot talk i don’t even know what to say, and then it immediately flies over to the right to my passengers side window away with amazing speed. it does strange unimaginable motions up and down left and right (at this point it appears to be one large light). then it descends into the tree line not far from where i witnessed the ufo. from what i could tell it was black and made no sound, no true lights underneath unless they were very small yet all i can recall is that i looked up and there was no longer a sky above me when i stuck my head out of the window. i follow it to where i saw the craft descend and there is a small field near another small lake near my house.. i then park my car and can see blinking lights in the field (red and white). i am hysterical at this point and have been recording and cannot move frozen in terror again. it’s so strange i always was never afraid yet i cannot explain this type of fear... it’s like i knew something and i shouldn’t go near it, as if everything within me would not let me get out. my friend at that point kept saying let’s go look, let’s go. i was just too scared. we then stayed for a short time to look at it but then went home shocked and really freaked out. the next day on my way down to town there were many people working for the state fixing the power lines... i knew for a fact at that point something was definitely going on here. a lot of white vans were also parked in town that day. we always spoke of that time. many other strange occurrences happened, quite small ones yet again, too much for me to not take note of. i will try to locate the video to email it to you guys. i tell people these stories and feel like something may have happened to me or something at some point. a few years ago i also was then diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, could be unrelated but who knows, might as well let you know. i just don’t know who to trust and i would much rather talk to some one than type all of this... i just still to this day, believe something truly out of this world had taken place. i also never knew why if any reason they had come at all let alone,contacted me.

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Credit: MUFON

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