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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Punta Cana, La Altagracia on 2018-12-14 00:00:00 - Multiple shooting star like objects followed by very slow, large flying object shaped somewhat like an airplane.

My boyfriend and i were standing on a rooftop terrace on the beach in punta cana, dominican republic around 9pm. we started seeing what seemed to be like multiple shooting stars all in one area of the sky. they all seemed to originate from generally the same spot but were falling in differing directions. the were also somewhat brighter and bigger (thicker, denser) than a typical falling star. their color was a yellowish white. we probably saw somewhere between five and seven of these falling stars and then we noticed what at first seemed like a very large airplane moving very slowly through the same part of the sky. the craft was incredibly large. bigger than any plane i've seen, including army type cargo planes. the wings of the craft were also located further back than on a typical plane and were far longer than seemed normal. there were static lights on along the edges of the wings and front of the craft. they were spaced equally along the wings also in a way that is nothing like an airplane. the lights were white and did not flash. the body of the craft seemed to be matte, reflected no light whatsoever, had no windows like a regular plane, and appeared flat (there was no dimension as there is with a regular plane. for the tremendous size of the craft it would have had to have been extremely close to the ground - we should have been able to hear the engine at the very least. it was completely silent and moved very slowly through the sky going in and out of very light cloud cover. at times part of the craft was behind a cloud but the tail or head of the craft was still visible. as it passed partially being another cloud, the head of the plane and wings were still visible, with the lights showing clearly (even those behind the thin cloud), it just disappeared. completely gone as if it had never been there at all. my boyfriend and i both witnessed this. it lasted maybe a couple of minutes. neither of us had any explanation though we tried to come up with one. it was truly incredible.

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Credit: MUFON

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