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Friday, January 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Chesley, Ontario on 2017-08-01 00:00:00 - No landing

it was 1120 at night i was standing under my peartree’s i looked up because at that time a year the fruit falls i didn’t want to get hit on the head when i looked up i seen an orange and white all the way around left a white vapour trail it moved across the sky slowly and surged was not a constant speed i seen it good i seen the bottom of it real good it was a burnt orange it was low i put 500 to a mile high but i seen it good clear i watched it for a good 40 seconds then it went towards the church took a 90° turn left at 90° turn right and headed over towards southampton way 10 minutes later i heard thunder is jet coming over i thought to myself you’re too late boys it’s already gone but what got me is how it shutter through the sky with no noise i wrote a report to mufon when it happened after i read that a man closing his cottage down for this weekend was sitting having a drink before heading out he reported it he seen exactly what i’ve seen everything to a fine detail i don’t understand why i heard nothing back from you guys i know what i saw it’s been bugging me there’s nothing you can tell me different weather balloon not a chance no way i have too much commonsense to believe in that nonsense i think the public should know it’s not the first time i’ve seen something in the 80s i seen something i can’t explain i seen it good also nothing on this planet moves as fast as what i seen same as august this thing took a 90° left and a 90° right there’s no way a human could withstand those g forces i’m a man with a lot of common sense i’ve studied a lot of things and my theory to what happened was this craft broke our atmosphere the reason why it was a burnt orange colour and a white vapour trail that seem to be all around the craft even around the front of it the white was the craft cooling down in our air temperature and because it shattered across the sky not a steady moving motion there’s nothing does that and it made zero sound like i said earlier i seen it good i’d like some answers i thought that this was what this site was all about i’ve already sent an email to you people and i heard nothing back it would be nice to hear something but i know what i saw and there’s no way anybody convince me otherwise there’s just no way i seen it too good i hope to hear something from you people and please don’t come back with a hot air balloon that’s just silly nonsense i hope to hear a response we are not alone

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Credit: MUFON

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