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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Kearney, Nebraska on 2018-10-03 00:00:00 - Tried to get a pic of full moon--got 15+ min ir night video of orbs floating/flying at and around me

Tried to get a pic of full moon--got 15+ min ir night video of orbs floating/flying at and around me night of the full moon october 2-4, 2018. calm, clear night(beautiful). tried to capture ir video or picture of the moon with my night vision binoculars. this was not working out, so i decided to play with my new toy and attempt to see some wildlife in the wooded valley area of the property. no luck, so i just practiced on focusing and the sky, when i noticed these perfectly round spheres floating and hovering/bouncing over the tree tops. some were bright, and appeared to have its own internal light source as the entire sphere would lightly pulsate. first thing i thought, was if nasa knew all you needed was ir night vision, they would have solved this stuff along time ago---lol as i was looking at the brightest of the orbs, it began to come at me, and sort of startled the crap out of me to the point that i pulled/ducked backwards to avoid being, what looked to me like a for sure hit. i kept the video going through this, and tried to see if 1.) these nocs could actually pick this up, and show in a video 2.)was this really happening or is this just dust or bugs etc.. the sphere started in the west and as it came at me, it was heading towards the east, and the full moon. it actually flew past me and continued to go literally to the moon, and then circled around it and flew back towards my direction and the tree tops again. as the video shows, even when this orb was up by the moon, it continued to have the same amount of light, but the darker side of the sphere, was the closest to the moon. wouldn't the bright glow of the moon make it brighter on the side of the orb that was closest to the moon??? some of the spheres you could faintly see, and can actually see through them. some landed in the trees or disappeared. they were all close to the same exact size, but a few, and all of the orbs navigated at a very controlled, deliberate and constant speed it seemed.(unlike the bugs, and occasional bird you see in the video) it really looks almost like bubbles floating in the sky, only with bit of a mind of there own. eventually, they disappear and are no longer seen. these cannot be seen with the naked eye, and i live out of town on some acerage with trees, valleys, and hills, with only our shop light to the north(a distance away) of where i was standing. i continued to video and tried every way to reproduce the orbs, to no avail. i didn't feel anything unusual, and didn't get a bad feeling about what was happening, just a little unsure of what was going to happen, when the one orb came at me. if anything, it seemed to be peaceful and more quiet. these did return 1 other time in which i took a short video of also, but dont't remember which card it was on. i have game cameras out, and have some questionable pics of weird things appearing at night on these occasionally. the date on the video is not correct, i never set up the time/date on the camera.

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Credit: MUFON

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