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Monday, January 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 1999-08-17 01:20:00 - The ufo was 3 feet away and 3 feet in width and 10 inches tall

i was up late one night. a commercial came on so i decided to take a quick piss break. there i am in mid piss, standing there and something happened. the best i can describe it is that i was scanned and missing time. im standing there but im no longer peeing but im in the exact last position my body was in before it all happened. full body goosebumps. it was a feel i g in my body ive never felt and will probably never feel again.So when i was scanned it was the weirdest feeling, all i knew is whatever scanned me is right outside that window. like a 6th sense. i zip my pants up real quick and look out the window with my hands on the side of my face to help block the bathroom light. there it is, pure silent just hovering there. it is semi black, the whole thing, no seams. its 3 feet from my face, its 3 feet wide and 10 inches tall. there i am staring at this thing for 20 seconds. its a ufo and its technology advanced,as we just dont have the tech do do something like this. it starts to move slowly up and south over the house. it was pure silent when just hovering there but when it starts to move it makes a out of this world pulsing noise. about a pulse every second. i would guess it's propulsion system but like i said no seams. nothing is eminating from it. so as it goes up and over the house i run to the front door facing west to get outside to see what happens next. i never did see or hear it after i left the bathroom. i wanted to wake up my mom and tell her what happened but for some reason things where a little fuzzy when i walked back into the house and i went to bed and fell asleep like nothing had ever happened.I didn't want to go to bed but its like i had to, almost guided. woke up the next morning with a huge gasp of air and jumped out of bed within less then a second recalling what happened last night.

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Credit: MUFON

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