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Sunday, January 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cambridge, Ontario on 2018-07-01 22:06:00 - Orange red ball-basketball or bigger-moving inside-in all directions-moved in straight horizontal line over pool with strobe lights going

I had just put up a pool a few days before. i have a floating strobe light that emits different light patterns and colours and i was spinning it in the pool. it spins in a circular motion and the lights strobe and spin and change colour as it spins. i got bored and lay on the trampoline that was right beside the pool. i think i left the pool strobe on. i don't know how long i lay on the trampoline, a few minutes and an orange red ball...Like a small sun appeared over my building about 20-30 feet up. i was looking the other way, so i must have saw the light from it or something. all i did was stare at it, i don't remember thinking anything, just staring at this ball. it moved towards and over the pool in a straight line. inside of this ball was moving and changing shape inside but still remained a ball with perhaps sparks on the outside a bit. i don't remember noise at all. i had my camera and realized this after it passed over the trampoline. i snapped a photo of the ball and it was gone but i fully expected to see the ball in the photo. all i got was the attached photo. a beam of light starting about have way in the frame where the ball was, and going down towards the ground at an angle. afterwards, i felt that this was a living thing that was looking at the lights in the pool. i have never seen anything like this before and likely never will again. it has changed the way i see things. i know what planes and drones and chinese lanterns and shooting stars and stars and satellites all look like and this was nothing like those things. this ball was orange/red...Moving inside...Like a plasma ball...But not....Churning and like lava inside and moved directly across the pool in a horizontal line...All at about 20-30 feet up. this had nothing to do with fireworks. there were no fireworks anywhere near me.I could hear some fireworks way off in the distance. this was what i described.

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Credit: MUFON

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