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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in KILKHAMPTON, BUDE, CORNWA, England on 2019-01-09 00:00:00 - Watched ufo thinking it was iss, but it changed direction, it then turned into 2-3 round bright lights omitting white/yellow lights, very bright, lasted few seconds then it moved away. other witness to bright light on local website chatroom

We heard a loud noise and felt something go over the house so thought it was probably one of the military jets that fly over occasionally, however it was a lot louder than usual and made the house shake. i went and got a jacket and went outside for a look, it was a clear, crisp, cold night. i saw two red lights moving off towards the ne direction, although they were going a bit slow for a jet, i watched it for a while until very distant. i stood and looked around and noticed a small light, high in the sky moving slowly from east to west, which i decided was either a satellite or the iss moving overhead. it was going in a straight line but then started to move nw which just didn't make sense. as i watched it, it suddenly turned into two/three round very, very bright yellow/white round lights. these lasted for about 3 seconds and then stopped, it then went back to the small star like shape it had been. i quickly ran to the back door and shouted for my husband (mark) to come out. i ran back and could see the original small, high light moving slowly, as before. when mark came out he could see the light and said that he though it was moving a bit strange, he then went inside as he was too cold and i watched the light move out of sight. later on i logged onto "bude banter", which is a local chat room for local people to talk about daily events, on there various people had put on comments about the loud noise and said it had been a jet from a local military field, however, one person had commented on seeing a bright yellow light in the sky, which confirmed what i had seen, so i decided to do this report.

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Credit: MUFON

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