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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Missouri on 2018-12-23 06:54:00 - Glowing orb, very bright, star/planet like, rising slowly behind trees, paused, slowly moved se, short pause, began moving to nw. entire event lasted 3 to 4 minutes.

My home sits very near the city limits of my community, on the sw side of town. to the south and southwest of my home are fields belonging to the corp of engineers. directly behind my house is a line of trees, running from north to south. on the morning of december 23, 2018, i walked out onto my deck with a cup of coffee. almost immediately i saw a white and very bright star-like (planet-like?) orb (ball?) in the sky to the west-southwest of my back yard. (perhaps because i wear contact lenses, the edges of the object were not well defined; not smooth, if you will.) it was visible through the upper part of the leafless trees. it caught my attention because of its brightness and also because i couldn't remember ever seeing a bight star or planet in that direction. as i took a sip of coffee, i looked directly south of my house at a field, expecting to see deer or turkey. i then glanced back at the bright object and thought it had moved. i wasn't sure that it had moved and felt perhaps it was because i had moved my head and line of sight that gave the appearance that it had moved. i slightly tilted head, first left then right, trying to see the object in the exact position that i felt it had been. i even bent my knees a little to see if that would line up the object at the original position. none of that worked. the object had indeed moved in relation to the tree limbs i was seeing it through. at that point, i began intently staring at the object. it's very difficult to say how far away the object was from my house. i would say that it was farther away than the adjacent field. but how far, i cannot say. my calculated guess would be a quarter to a half a mile. i heard absolutely no sounds that i would identify as a motor or engine. so far as i could tell the objects movement was silent. i will also note that on this morning the sky was clear. there were no clouds and i saw no discernible stars. additionally, there was no wind that i remember. perhaps a light breeze? it took perhaps only a second or two to determine that indeed the object was moving. it was very slowly raising straight up. at that point i checked my watch. the time was exactly 6:54 am (cst). as i watched, the bight light rose to what i would guess to be about 30 - 35 degrees, at which point it cleared the tree tops. it briefly paused and then very slowly moved to the southeast. it appeared to pause again and made a slight looping turn (as opposed to a sharp turn), and began moving in a northeasterly direction. from my vantage point it appeared that it might actually come right over my head. but it did not. it's trajectory took it a little south of my house, but still heading southeasterly. i watched the object slowly travel in that direction (se) until it became just a pin-point of light and eventually disappear in the distance. it also looked as though it was ascending or rising as it traveled northeasterly. i cannot say exactly how long this entire episode lasted. as i said, i only checked my watch after i had determined that the object was moving. unfortunately, i did not check my watch after it disappeared in the distance. my best guess would be 2 - 4 minutes. a few days after this incident, i looked at a map of the state of missouri and tried to figure out where that object might have traveled had it stayed on the same course. if it did, it would have gone very near (if not directly over) sedalia. if i am accurate or even close in my estimation, then the object would have certainly been picked up by the whiteman afb radar. there is just no way that whiteman didn't pick that up. no way. of course, i am assuming that whiteman always has their radar up and running, 24-7.

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Credit: MUFON

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