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Friday, January 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Tupelo, Mississippi on 2019-01-15 15:30:00 - It came over partly cloaked in clouds but i got pics of inside of craft.

I was waiting on someone to come out of doctors office and id noticed when i first arrived that the clouds were doing something strange. it was supposed to be clear that day but there were these thin bands of clouds evenly spaced going in a south east direction. when they got far enough away that you couldnt see sky between them anymore these weird symbols would appear in them. i started taking pics. i watched for an hour and a half and could see the point of origin for the clouds and it seemed they materialized from thin air. as one point of origin would slowly go by more thin bands would start coming in behind it and soon another point of origin would go by. finally one started coming rite over me but it was directly between me and the sun. i couldnt look at it for the brightness so i just held up my phone and started snapping. having no reason to think i had anything special i didnt look till later at home and got the shock of my life. apparently it was a perfect storm of circumstances and i had gotten pics of a cloud generating craft emitting a blue beam of light and also had a green light that didnt seem to be a beam. the phone they were taken with has the best camera ive ever seen and i can zoom in and see the macinery thats making the cloud stuff and in some i can clearly see the occupants. and let me tell you, they aint from around here if you know what i mean. im sending two pics that i enlarged and screen shot. i have alot more of them.

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Credit: MUFON

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