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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 1990-07-31 00:00:00 - It all happened so fast

It all happened so fast i was walking from 7-eleven 2 atlantic avenue in freeport heading home with a friend he lived four blocks east i lived six blocks west so we split up right by the boatyard on atlantic avenue and guy lombardo so as we're approaching atlantic avenue i saw you looking up i saw something in the distance coming closer it was by randall park which is about five blocks south from there so i'm heading south going towards the nautical mile so right before i get to the corner of atlantic the light or whatever it was like an object i saw that it came close closer towards us like but my friend still to this day does not recall what happened or what i saw what i thought happened i'm not 100% sure but i know that the light came closer to us and then the next thing i knew i was in my bed the next morning and i called him and asked him when you got home and he said yes but i felt like i got home faster than him but he lives closer than me so he doesn't remember the whole thing but i remember the next day i woke up and i was like confused and i remember seeing that like coming towards me and i remember like seeing an invisible kind of light but also with edges and lines on them like i was somewhere and then like all the sudden i was just home so i don't understand that i have asked him in the recent 5 years and i've asked him if he remembers but i have always had that feeling that something happened that day cuz i even would talk to people and tell people that what happened to me that used to think i was crazy and this was back even in like early two thousands and ill have big arguments with my friends just to prove to them that you know i'm really not lying and i really remember that and also one thing i noticed a few weeks maybe months after that happen i had something in my leg on my left leg on my thigh right in the center it was like something had like a little hole in it was like pause but it was like a scab so i started picking at the scab and then when i took it out and i got a whole like chunk came out of my leg may be about like about a 3/8 maybe like maybe half an inch deep into my leg but a perfect circle and it was very small and i remember i had a hole in my leg and i was scared i just covered it up i never told anybody about it but that's one other thing that i know was to happen to me after thati think after that my math skills i believe in like school have gotten a lot better and that's one thing i really notice cuz i think i'm pretty good at math i think i have something to do with it.

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Credit: MUFON

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