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Monday, January 21, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Independence, Kansas on 2019-01-21 18:05:00 - I shall put the details

I am aysha she you might wonder who i am and what i am liala my dearest daughter in past life, i was a high priestess a woman with great knowledge and wisdom and healing. i am she, i am she that was, i am she that is, and i am one spirit of god, which god, she is a goddess of all the unverise where men must have great recpect in her while she rule egypt. and other planets. our first planet was egypt it is over 16 billion years old. liala was my daughter the word liala mean light in our planet. and in egypt mean life and healing. your whole planet we call it egypt, other names such as america was name again by man. they have no idea the history and the knowledge of egypt, that i leave it up to you to figure it out the true meaning. we come from distance, another planet call tusuma which we hold with great knowledge, and healing that no matter how good is your medical team you cannot heal cancer or horrible sickness, however we can. i wish to give this knowledge to liala but she is quiet ill, and you my friend have no idea it bring tears to my eyes as any parent or parents who worry about there children health. i am planning to take liala of this planet call egypt, why she is not happy and i am very disappointed how people has treated her. humankind is the right word not mankind that is the word of man, well who or what man stand for man is a being of spirit'. king then defines the third doctrine of man which 'is the recognition that man is a sinner. man is a free being made in the image of god'. instead of the goddess. we live on your planet we walk among the people who have no idea how they are destroy our planet and we see what man is doing nothing but disaster. the world which you call earth, earth is made by man’s word i always laugh when i here the voice by man call earth you have such much to learn about your planet. last off i am will take liala back to our planet because egypt her sick . sick, and no one will where know liala has gone. i am aysha

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Credit: MUFON

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